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Tomorrow is a really big episode for me on American Grit so I hope you can watch.  If you’re local, I’ll be at Hanovers in Pflugerville to watch and live tweet at 8pm.Lisa-kids-win-3

Throughout the duration of the show I will be posting interviews that my castmates did with me, as well as with other magazines and TV shows on my Twitter feed @sheslosingitcom.

Even though we may be on different teams or have very different opinions, I have great respect for everyone involved.  They are a very inspiring group of people.  In case you missed it, here are some other people’s stories:

Today I’m introducing you to Ashley Hazlette (everybody calls her Haze).  She was one of the two people who survived that crazy circus where the women jumped in and out of buckets of ice.  That alone tells you what a badass she is.

Meet Haze, in her own words…


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Ashley Hazlett, but I have gone by “Haze” since High School. I did a lot of sports and had a little brother, so more specifically I was called “Big Haze”. 31 years old, born and raised in a Marine household. Family life was very strict growing up, and I did absolutely everything to break every rule that was implemented. I was married from age 27-29. I thought he was the absolute best. Then things changed. He became manipulative, domineering, intimidating and degrading. Like someone flipped a switch…It was devastating to watch and feel someone fall out of love with you (have you ever been lonely sharing the same bed with someone) But, Happiness is self made, and I wasn’t going to live an unhappy life. So I left. I moved home after my divorce and to keep my mind off everything I started to get active. That was when I found my love for OCR (obstacle course racing). It was everything I never knew I needed in life. Wonderful community of athlete, a gratifying challenge, mud and fun.

Haze and Brooke at an obstacle course race
Haze and Brooke at an obstacle course race

Why did you want to be on American Grit?
I never “wanted” to be on a reality TV show. My best friend had tagged me in an InstaGram post by Mud Run Guide. Mud Run Guide had posted 4 simple words “Are you Tough Enough” with the link to the casting application. My best friend wrote “you’re the toughest person I know”. I thought “why not?” What did I have to lose? the worst that could happen is I wouldn’t even get a response. 

You competed in (and survived) two circuses. How did that impact you?

No lie, the endurance portion of my circus was the most physically and mentally challenging thing I have ever done.

I have never experienced cold like that. and the pain that hypothermia brings…nothing has compared. I can say I will never complain about being cold again. Being able to compete in that endurance (and absolutely dominate. the show doesn’t show you how I made that circus my bitch) has given me the mental fortitude going forward to know I can accomplish anything. Being uncomfortable and in pain is a growing/learning process. When things get hard in life, I look back to that ice bucket and tell myself “nothing will ever be as hard as that was… and you killed it”.

What’s it like to have a “showmance”?  How did it impact your team dynamic?

Oh man, the “showmance”. HAHA. Well, it was unexpected. My team never really said anything to me in the sense that it was going to affect our performance. They knew I was there to compete, and I don’ think I let mine and Cam’s relationship distract me from the task that was at hand. The biggest thing my teammates were concerned about was me hurting him. Which I guess would stem from my dedication and focus to our challenges.  I know how to separate work and (hair) play.Haze-Cam

Haze – Do you still want to enlist? Do you think American Grit will inspire other women to enlist?
The Marines said told me I was too old and had too many tattoos. I haven’t spoken to the Army yet. It hasn’t been completely taken off of the table, but I haven’t been actively trying since the USMC rejection (Being a Marine Corps Bi-Product, I wanted them as my first choice) I thin American Grit will inspire women every where to do many things with their life. Tee Hannibal will absolutely light a fire under someone’s ass. She’s a fierce woman. I think a lot of female viewers will see her… single mom… raising through the ranks in a mans world, and they will be inspired.
What have you learned so far from this experience?
Biggest take away is you are stronger than you know, and there are no excuses. Being raised among all military branches (Father Marine, Brother Army, Grandpa Airforce) I have always had the utmost respect for the Military, But Noah really drove it home for the respect and no excuse. Because of him, I can never make or accept an excuse as to why something can’t be done. 
Nothing is impossible.
Being interviewed by John Cena
Being interviewed by John Cena
Final thoughts?
Being able to participate in this experience will be with me for life. and Regardless of who won the money, I truly feel that we all won. Some of us found strength we never knew we had, We all created life long friendships, and Cam and I found each other. American Grit is going to inspire. I can’t wait to see where we go.
Thanks for taking the time to say hi to my readers, Haze!  Looking forward to running with you (and a bunch of others from the Grit Gang) at the Battlefrog Obstacle Course in Boston this July.

Lisa :)

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