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Committing to Yourself And Demanding Change

How to Reinvigorate and Lose Weight

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and not recognize the frumpy middle-aged woman staring back, and I know how to turn your life around and get your groove back. I’ve been there! I had to learn how to overcome the excuses, self‑sabotaging, and time management issues that stood in the way of a better me. When I decided to break down those walls and fix my messy life, I was invigorated, and I made it my mission to help others get fit.

You get more than a fitness guru showing you how to train. I give my clients no-guess meal plans, grocery lists, encouragement, accountability, and motivation. I will help you create a plan, set realistic goals, and cross that finish line! I will walk your journey with you, provide you with thorough training so you not only feel the changes but you know what to expect and can see yourself getting fit.

Start looking forward to your tomorrows! You will get in shape in a healthy way by losing fat and building long, lean muscle, so you look strong, sexy, healthy, and confident.

Committing to Yourself And Demanding Change

Fit Looks Good for Every Body

The Path to Your Transformation is One Step in Front of You

Fit Looks good for everyone

Personal Training in Round Rock, TX

Lisa Traugott’s one-on-one Personal Training is for anybody, any age, any problem, and any body. Whether you’re wanting to lose twenty pounds for a wedding,  wanting to feel better when you’re looking in the mirror, trying to get into last-years skinny jeans, or just plain ready to get your groove back, then you’re in the right place.

Your body, your path, and your goals are unique to you, so your custom plan will be tailored to you and focused on your desired outcomes.



Custom Bikini Competition Training in Round Rock, TX

Are you in or around the Round Rock, TX area and ready to kick it up a notch? Bikini competitions may be right for you! Lisa will guide you through the process in this one-on-one, custom, bikini competition training plan.

You’ll receive customized meal plans, hardcore workouts, help with posing suit selection, and help with bikini poses. This is a very niche sport, and Lisa has the experience (and trophies) to show you the way.

Get My Bikini On!
In Person Bikini Competition Prep
Virtual Fitness Coaching with Lisa Traugott

Virtual Fitness Coaching with Lisa

Are you far from Round Rock, TX but still want to lose weight in a healthy way? Don’t sweat it! Feel strong, sexy, and confident with Lisa’s Virtual Fitness Coaching Program.

You’ll receive custom-tailored, virtual fitness coaching that’s designed specifically for you. Lisa’s ready to help you get started and get your groove back from the comfort of your own home.

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S.L.I.M. – She’s Losing It Method Video Training

The She’s Losing It Method (S.L.I.M.) is Lisa’s proven training system she used herself to get fit. In this 30-day weight loss journey, Lisa will provide you with her recorded videos and pre-made plans so you can lose weight and keep it off.

It directly focuses on the BELLY, BODY, and BRAIN. In Lisa’s exercise video library, you’ll have access to demonstrates of nearly 50 different exercises. Are you ready to kick start your weight loss journey?  Let’s get started!

S.L.I.M. - She’s Losing It Method Video Training
karelin transformation

Losing it With Lisa

“I can’t thank my trainer enough! She has not only transformed me but my family as a whole.”

Karelin, Weight loss transformation winner, mother of five and grandma of two