She’s Losing It!

This is the story of how Lisa, a borderline obese middle aged mom of two, entered a bodybuilding competition as a last ditch effort to lose weight. During the process she balanced strength training with potty training, lost 50 pounds and fixed her messy life in the process.


  • This book reveals the truth about what it's like to be an overweight woman who wants to regain control of her life AND what it's really like to prepare for a bodybuilding competition.

    Melissa Coker Ms. Figure America '08
  • Oh yes she did! one of my #favorite #Austin women has penned and published the #Best #motivational #newyearnewyou book based on her real-life 50+ pound #weightloss.

    Statesman Social Austin American Statesman
  • Incedible and authentic. Anyone who wants to truly change their life for the better will love Lisa's story and tips for getting there - losing the weight, keeping it off and finding happiness.

    Jamie King Sweat Guru & Fit Approach

Private Personal Training Sessions

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Customized Online Personal Training

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The S.L.I. Method

Want to lose weight but need help putting it all together? This program is everything I spent years and thousands of dollars learning through bodybuilding bikini competitions, distilled down into a simple system you can follow to start YOUR transformation.  For a one-time cost of $79 you get:

  • Meal plan, grocery shopping list and complete explanation of clean eating 101
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Think of me as your girlfriend who used to be heavy, lost the weight, and then told you exactly how she did it.

Moms Can Be Fit Too

Have you ever been in a rut?  I was three years ago.  My marriage was on the rocks, business was failing and my doctor told me I was borderline obese.  I sat in the parking lot of my daughter’s nursery school sobbing about my life and asking God to fix me. The story could have ended there, but where’s the fun in that?

Bodybuilding 101

It’s not what you think. There is a new division of bodybuilding called “Bikini” and the goal is to look sexy, strong and feminine. This is not you’re father’s bodybuilding competition.

Finding the Family-Fitness Balance

Is it possible to figure out strength training while also potty-training? And is alcohol allowed? Because potty-training sometimes requires a mommy to drink a glass of wine. (Answers in the book.)

The Bikini Diet

That’s right. I included my first meal plan in the book, as well as tips and tricks for meal prep, the Secret to Being Thin, and an overview of clean eating. #You’reWelcome

Facing Fears

There were lots of reasons why I was overweight. Junk food accounted for
about 10%. The rest of it dealt with all those deep dark fears that no one talks about. I do here.

Hot Mama

One day I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the frumpy middle aged chick staring back at me. I wanted me back, only better, with more confidence and a sparkly bikini.

Get Your Groove Back

Confidence isn’t given, it’s earned by self-discipline, doing hard things and facing your fears. Once upon a time I lost my groove; this is the story of how I got it back.

This is the story about how I lost 50 lbs. by entering a bodybuilding competition. While not a “how to” diet book, it does give the low down on lots of cool things.

Before and After

I went from borderline obese to a bikini winner

A Quirky Guide to Losing Weight

while dealing with small children

Training for a bodybuilding competition changed my life in such a positive way I wanted to share what I learned with the world, which is why I wrote She’s Losing It! There are lots of books and movies out to inspire men and even young girls.  This book is written for the rest of us.

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About the Author

Meet Lisa

Lisa Traugott is a 40 something wife and mom of two living in Austin, Texas. She’s also a Mom’s Choice Award winning writer and personal trainer.

Birthday Scare

Every year on her birthday she likes to do something to scare herself. For her 38th birthday she entered a bikini competition even though her doctor told her she was borderline obese. After losing 50 pounds and fixing her life she decided she was going to do everything she ever wanted but was too afraid to try. For her 39th birthday she jumped out of a plane. For her 40th birthday she started pole dancing.

This year she’s going to try stand-up comedy at an open mic night. Whether it’s fitness or life in general, she’s willing to challenge herself, even though it’s scary sometimes. She hopes that by reading her ups and downs you get inspired to start your own fitness journey, because if she can do it, hell yeah!, you can do it too!

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