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Flatten Your Tummy Quick, With These 3 Foods and 3 Big No-No’s!

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Helping Women Like You Become Strong and Confident

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Want to lose weight but need help putting it all together? It’s not impossible to feel younger, thinner, and happier! Change is possible. Even after kids, even in middle age.

A lot of people lose themselves when they become parents because they are so busy taking care of everyone else. Join Lisa Traugott, personal trainer, to receive practical advice to balance family, work, and fitness. In the process, you will shed weight, insecurity, and excuses. You know the rut you’re in – let Lisa help you out of it.

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Have you ever been in a rut? I was a few years ago. My marriage was on the rocks, my business was failing, and my doctor told me I was borderline obese. I sat in the parking lot of my daughter’s nursery school sobbing about my life and asking God to fix me. The story could have ended there, but where’s the fun in that?

It was time to stop spinning my wheels with yo-yo diets and incomplete work-outs. I had to challenge myself by stepping outside my comfort zone, and for me, that was entering a bodybuilding competition! In the process, I learned to balance strength training with potty training. I lost 50 pounds, fixed my messy life, wrote a book, and decided to focus my attention on helping others by becoming a personal trainer.

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Lose the Weight, Lose the Excuses, and Win Yourself Back!

shes losing it book

She’s Losing It!

A Quirky Little Memoir About Weight Loss, Bodybuilding and Dealing with Small Children

This is the story of how Personal Trainer, Lisa Traugott, a borderline obese middle-aged mom of two, entered a bodybuilding competition as a last-ditch effort to lose weight. During the process, she balanced strength training with potty training, lost 50 pounds, and fixed her messy life in the process.  It’s like a “Rocky” for moms.


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