What Can You Accomplish In 30 Days?

I could do my SLI Method 30 Day Challenge all by myself, but where’s the fun in that?  So I asked you to join me in taking small steps to get healthier.  Some of you emailed me that you had given up sugar this month, started to exercise more, and decided to give clean eating a try.  That’s great!  A lot of you sent me messages that you bought my book (thank you!) and are now considering giving bodybuilding a try, which makes me so happy.  It’s a quirky sport, but it is the only sport that truly taught me about nutrition, and food is the key to health.


Success StoryEating Right and Exercising Regularly

There is one person who took up the challenge and started training with me online.  She sent me this email and permitted me to share it with you:

“I am super glad I found your book and reached out to you. It’s thrilling to follow and actually know someone who is really living this lifestyle every day and competing…  I pulled out a Size 10 pants out of my closet this morning and in a “what the hell” moment tried them on.  I ended up wearing them to work!!  Lisa, I have been a Size 14 since my ACL surgery.  Guess I will be shopping in my closet this weekend. Proof positive that things are finally going in the right direction for me!!! You speak with the frankness of a best friend, you understand me and what my struggles are, however, I don’t ever think you will sugar coat anything and feel you will call me out if I need it. So THANK YOU!!!”

Remember, this is her progress for just three weeks!

I gave her a customized meal plan and weekly workouts.  I’m not gonna lie, they were tough.  (She said she would have thought I was sadistic if she didn’t already know that I was doing 730 daily squats myself.)  She did not have access to a gym, so they were mostly bodyweight exercises mixed in with exercises with light dumbbells and bands she already owned, and we made sure to work around her injury.

She did not use diet pills.  Or starve herself.  Or do wacky things you see on Instagram.  She ate clean and exercised consistently.  In three weeks she lost 6.25″ off her body, dropped 6 lbs and was able to go from size 14 to size 10.  I am so proud of how hard she worked!


Breaking Habits to Break the Mold

“Lisa!!! I lost weight!! Woohoo!!!! I’m down to 148.6, and the diet went so well. I never felt hungry and even struggled to get all of my meals in. I consumed the water goal each day (I had been doing that for a few weeks now). I’m so happy I really stuck with it and didn’t reach for chips, crackers, cookies. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and your plan gave me the focus I really needed! The stair master workout was killer, and so was the leg day. Ouch!!!  I was so excited to tell you about my week and weight loss, so I had to email you first thing.  Thanks so much!!”

Arin, online client, Indiana, Illinois


Husband and Wife Getting Fit Together

“Thank you again for helping Jim and me with our diets and exercise. It’s really making a difference. I have to say I really like working out with Jim. Now I end up working out earlier, which is helpful. Lost 4+ pounds in a week. Yay!

Susan and Jim, Georgetown, Texas


Bikini Winner at 54Bikini Winner at 54!

Karen first contacted me, wanting to do some online training.  At age 54 she was a wife, mom of two teenagers, in a high-power, high-stress job, and was a previvor of BRCA (the Angelina Jolie gene that leads to breast cancer). She had had multiple surgeries and hadn’t been in a gym in about 17 years.

Most of my clients come to me with the problem of eating too much; she was the exact opposite – she ate too few calories. After going through her food journal I asked her to keep and to discuss her goals and background, I told her that for her to look the way she wanted to, she would actually need to eat more calories and more carbohydrates. It was actually a pretty tense moment because the advice I gave her was counter-intuitive to everything she had previously been told. She trusted me and started a reverse diet I designed for her.  Within weeks she fitted into dresses she hadn’t in years and slowly started to gain lean muscle mass.

She decided to enter her first bodybuilding competition and started training with me in person twice a week.  Nervous and excited and panic-stricken at the thought of standing on stage, at age 54, in a sparkly bikini she said, Well, I guess if I could go through multiple surgeries and have everybody see everything, standing in a bikini won’t be as bad.

At the competition, her son screamed out, “Go Mom!” and she broke into a huge smile.  “I always loved seeing kids cheering on their moms because it subtly gave permission to other moms to feel like it was ok for them to be fit too.”  She won 5th place!  Even without the medal, she’s a winner.


He’s Losing It Too!

So proud of Brian!  He went from #DadBod to #Beastmode using the SLI Method.  He lost 20 pounds in 2 months of training with me (from 204 to 184).  If this father of three can find time to eat clean and exercise, you can do it too!


Mother Daughter Team Lose It TogetherMother & Daughter Team Lose It Together

Karelin is a dynamo. She’s the mother of five (5!) and grandma of two, plus she has her own hairstyle business and is a travel agent. Despite her many and varied time commitments and responsibilities, she decided to take some time for herself finally. Karelin lost 18lbs and 18+inches!

She told me she wanted to do a bodybuilding competition. The original goal was the Naturally Fit show in June, but she soon found out it was the same date as her oldest daughter’s high school graduation, so we decided to go for a show in April (!!!) instead. In four months, she lost 18 lbs and almost 18 1/2 inches, and it didn’t stop there.

Soon after she began seeing results, her husband asked me for a diet, so I wrote up a meal plan for him. Then her middle daughter, Karyna, decided that she wanted to do the teen bikini division and athletic divisions too, so I started training her also. Her other kids got inspired by her dedication too, and now the whole family is working out together. Moms on her son’s baseball team began to notice that she was packing salads and chicken instead of eating out after the games, and they were inspired by her dedication.

Karelin won 2nd place at the weight loss transformation competition, and Karyna won 2nd place in the teen bikini and athletic divisions! I’m so proud of them – they won a healthy lifestyle.


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