My Dream Home Gym

Do you ever fantasize what it would be like to have a home gym?  I’m not talking about a bench press in the garage either, I mean like a high-end, just won the lottery home gym, or at least one filled with things I could buy on Amazon. And speaking of Amazon – I just signed up to be an affiliate, so if you click on any of the links I’ll make a tiny commission. These are some of the features my dream home gym would have:

Free weights

Dumbbells are a must, ranging from 5-25 pounds, but they do take up room, which is why I chose this CAP Dumbbell set with vertical rack.  Also consider getting barbells, kettlebells and resistance bands.

CAP Dumbbells
Fit Simplify Resistance Bands

Home cable machine

At a minimum I’d need a squat rack, padded bench, and cables with attachments for lat pull downs and such, and weighted plates. This one is the SunHome Multifunction Home Gym


Magic Mirror on the wall

…that tells me I’m the fairest one of all. Ok, Amazon doesn’t sell that.

Magic Mirror from Shrek
Magic Mirror from Shrek

Wet bar

It should be filled with fluffy towels (must be white), really good magazines and fancy spa-like water.  Spa-like water contains slices of fruit or cucumber so you are extra refreshed.  I’m not sure who cuts the fruits and veggies.  I’ve often wondered if anyone actually eats the floating fruit or is it just given to someone’s pet dog, Fifi?  But is fruit even good for dogs? This picture was taken at The Nines, a fitness center in Oregon, but you can check out these nice spa-like hand towels in the comfort of your own home.

Fancy spa bar
Fancy spa bar


This is a must. But Lisa, you say, won’t this take up an entire bedroom? Where would my children sleep? Let’s be real, kids hate sleeping.  Also, I found the Dynamic Barcelona 1 to 2 Person Hemlock Wood Infrared Sauna, which looks pretty compact. Here’s a picture with the measurements.

Dynamic Barcelona Infrared Sauna


Cardio Machines

Cardio equipment is pretty standard in a gym, whether you use a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical machine. In my dream gym I would specialize it by putting a lion behind the treadmill as I ran, but, you know, only on sprint days.  Also, I would only hire Vegan lions.

UREVO Folding Treadmill

Massage therapist

A lot of former actors are now massage therapists.  Did you know that?  As I am a huge supporter of the arts and personal massages, I would to hire the actor playing Superman, Henry Cavill, to be my massage therapist.  It will take the Man of Steel to work out the knots in my back.  (Designing an imaginary home gym is very stressful.) And while Amazon doesn’t offer job placements for movie stars, apparently you can get a life-sized cardboard cut out of Superman that has 264 reviews averaging 4.4 stars. Nice.


How about you?  What would your dream home gym look like?

Lisa ;)


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