Try This Trick If You Feel Like Quitting

Our society is all about instant gratification and constant distraction.  Take this pill and lose 10 lbs in a day!  Try this fad diet!  Get results NOW!

The truth is progress takes time.  Let’s face it, when you’re trying to lose weight it seems like you literally have to beat off the last ten pounds.  Sometimes your weight on the scale is stuck between the same number for weeks, and it’s disappointing.

How you deal with that disappointment determines the victory or defeat of your fitness goals.  There is a reason why the gym is mobbed January 1st and empty by mid-February.  I-quitOftentimes when people don’t see jaw-dropping results within the first two weeks they just quit.  But here’s a trick:  According to Brendon Burchard, author of The Motivation Manifesto, rather than feeling sad or frustrated, leading us to quit, we should instead feel curious.

For example, if you have been doing the same cardio for a month and your weight loss slowed or stopped, instead thinking, “This sucks! I knew I’d never lose the weight!” try thinking, “Hmm.  I wonder why this stopped working?  I wonder what would happen if I added a little strength training to my cardio workout?  Would that get my metabolism revved up again?”

Disappointment is a part of everyone’s life, so it’s best to make peace with it as a necessary part of your personal growth.stop-giving-up-meme

Last year I trained so hard for the Poseidon bodybuilding competition.  I stuck to the meal plan and lifted heavy and practiced my poses.  I felt so good going into show day.  But another woman came in and beat me for 1st place.  Now, I could have sulked backstage, or made excuses or whatever, but my philosophy is you win or you learn.  Poseidon was supposed to be my last competition of the season, but instead I spoke with my coach and my husband after the show and we all thought I should give it one more shot and compete at the Texas State Naturals one month later.

It was a risk.  What if I still placed 2nd, or even worse than 2nd at Texas State?  But instead of giving up, I got curious.  How much could a person possibly do to improve in just four weeks?  That question became more like a dare to myself…and to my coach, Robin, who pushed me beyond all limits.  He had me do 730 squats per day as my warm-up.  That’s before my actual workout.  Do you know how many squats that makes in one month:  21,900.  For real.

And you know what?  I won 1st place at Texas State.

Winning 1st place. Photo credit Sal Robles
Winning 1st place. Photo credit Sal Robles

Most people aren’t trying to become professional bodybuilders, so I’m not suggesting for you to go hardcore on your squats.  What I am suggesting is that when you reach the normal obstacles everyone faces on the path to a fit life (the flu, a vacation, big project due at work, an injury) don’t just give up on yourself.  Don’t try some quick-fix fad diet that will spin you off your course even further.  Just eat clean and exercise consistently and you will (eventually) see results.  Allow yourself whatever time it takes to follow through with your goals, because your health is worth the wait.

Lisa :)

Lisa Traugott is a Mom’s Choice Award winning writer, fitness blogger, wife and mom of two.

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