Mud, Poles and Feeling a Tad Viral

So, usually my Facebook Page gets friendly traffic rates of 100-300 views per post.  (Thank you 100-300 readers!  I love you!)  My latest post, A Taste of Victory and the Morning After, has had surprising traction – over 2,600 views!  This seems to me clear evidence that although people of the internet like pictures of ground turkey and asparagus, they love pictures of women in bikinis holding swords.  I will have to keep this in mind to improve my Klout score.

Holding my victory sword
Holding my victory sword

No rest for the wicked; now that #TexasShredder is done it’s time to move on to my next fitness goals:

  • Spartan Race with my family in May.  My husband and I will run the Spartan Sprint (3-5 miles, 15+ obstacles) in the morning and my children will run the Spartan Kids in the afternoon (1/2 mile, 10+ obstacles).

    My son practicing ninja moves
    My son practicing ninja moves
  • Audition videos for Miss Texas Pole Star in June (see how this fitness goal potentially ties in nicely with improving my Klout score?)

    Pole competition last year (I won 2nd place Novice)
    Pole Fitness Competition last year (I won 2nd place – Novice)

Both of these goals require me to focus on my upper body strength, which I will start doing on Thursday, and of course pole fitness dance classes which start next week.  Yay!

Side goal: This year I started taking a ton of little videos with my phone.  Now that my bodybuilding competition is done and most of my work is caught up, I’m going to focus on editing them again.  I still have to post the videos of my show prep for the Arnold Amateur and have some funny footage of my kids training for the Spartan Kids.  And, of course, I can only imagine the bloopers that will come from my attempts at pole dancing. #Klout

Anyway, those are my next fitness goals.  What are yours?

Lisa 😉

FYI – Full disclosure about the Spartan Race – I got a free admission to run the race in exchange for blogging about it, but I paid full fees for my kids to do the Spartan Kids race.

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