Managed Chaos

Happy post-Halloweeen-I-have-to-buy-an-organic-turkey-it’s-how-many-days-till-Christmas-what’s-my-New-Year’s-Resolution?!?

On a good week, I like to try to get one to three blog posts out.  Now that it’s holiday season and I’ve got to handle closing out my mother’s estate and all the accounting for our family business, I’m going to have to call uncle here and keep it real.

My blog posts for the next six weeks will be limited at best and my social media comments may be a little lacking, so my apologies in advance for this.  But after Christmas I will be blogging strong!

Photo Credit: ION Studios
Photo Credit: ION Studios

At some point in the New Year (May counts as the “New Year,” right?) you can also expect to see my website redesigned with updated photos and a more magazine feel to it.  At least that’s the hope.  I’m still trying to figure out WordPress for Middle Aged People, so you might have to bear with me.

On my Twitter, FB and Instagram feeds I will repost some articles you might have missed when your schedule was crazier than mine, so what I’m trying to say is we will all make it through this jolly season together.

Lisa 😉

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