May Goals – How Did I Do?

I was so productive in April.  May was a hot steaming pile of chaos and here’s why:

  • I’m working more.  There was a ton of paperwork and tight deadlines with our business and my side career of personal training is growing.  This is actually pretty cool.  I really love training people.
  • I’m exercising more, eating less and fall dead asleep by 8pm now.  As part of my show prep I’ve been doing more (and heavier) strength training, increased cardio (amount and duration) and now have posing practice in the mix.  (All before 6 a.m.)  Also, my diet gets increasingly strict each week, decreasing both calories and carbs.  The upside to this intense diet and exercise regimen is that my insomnia is cured.  The downside is that I’m at my most productive between 11 pm – 2 am when everyone is asleep, but now that’s no longer an option.
  • My regular “stuff” has not decreased.  I still have to do the same amount of cooking, cleaning, kid-related errands, but now with fewer hours available.

As a result, not everything gets done and I’m always feeling mildly guilty about something.  If I’m hanging with the kids, I feel like I should be updating the invoices in Quicken.  If I’m on the treadmill I feel like I should be cleaning the house.  If I’m folding laundry I feel like I should be teaching the kids how to speak Chinese.*

*Note:  I don’t speak Chinese.  I feel kind of guilty about that too.

Anyway, here are May’s Goals and how I did:

Cutest Puppy Ever!  Gangsta Shawty
Cutest Puppy Ever! Gangsta Shawty
  1. Volunteer this monthStatusDone.  I gave to two different shelters, volunteered at both kids’ school and rescued a pit bull for Pete’s sake!  I was being a bit of an overachiever.  Here is a post about the CUTEST DOG EVER:  Goodbye Puppy Love.

    Chin up, Lisa!
    Chin up, Lisa!
  2. Correct my postureStatusI think this is a long-term goal. My trainer, Mel, said my upper body strength and posture is indeed getting better, as evidenced by my ability to do an unassisted chin-up.  Apparently, she has been pulling Jedi Knight tricks on me to correct this all along.  Who knew?

    Back attack!
    Back attack!
  3. Focus on Show Prep.  Status:  OMG!  Three weeks to go!!!  Figure posing is CRAZY DIFFICULT!!!  And it hurts.  Also, I can get it right when Mel is watching but am having difficulty repeating the poses on my own.
  4. Start to edit my bookStatus:  Started?  Yes.  Finished?  No.  Doh!

    Little Henry's Baby Album
    Little Henry’s Baby Album
  5. Make my son’s photo album.  StatusIn Progress!  I would like to take a brief moment here to address all the people who have scratched their head over this:  I scrapbook.  Yeah, I said it.  And I can crochet* like a badass motherfucker too.  (*I cannot crochet.)
  6. Start the Rosetta Stone Spanish DVDsStatus:  No estudio espanol.Sweat Pink
  7. Did I mention I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador now?  I need to post the button on my blog.  Status: Done!
  8. Clear out the playroom/all closets StatusThis so did not happen This will never happen.  I just need to make peace with this.
  9. Get 1,000 “likes” on FBStatus:  Did not happen.  I’m pushing this to the back burner until December.
  10. Organize business officeStatusNo, nope, nada.

How did you do on your May goals?

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