Before & After Pictures

January 2012
Size 14, 150 lbs.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people checking out the blog to see what my “before” pictures look like.  In a word…yuck!

I had a hard time finding a picture because, like all vain people, I made my husband delete all my fat photos from his camera.

My personal defect of vanity (as in, ‘I don’t like looking heavy’) was also ironically coupled with laziness (as in, ‘that said, I’m too damn lazy to eat right and exercise.’)

The upside to owning these twin character blemishes was that I always had something to readily complain about with other moms: my weight.

Fast forward six months…

June 2012
Size 1,  107 lbs.

I like this picture much better!  (Note: pictures also look better when your bad haircut grows out and you wear contacts instead of glasses.)

So in six months I was able to drop the laziness flaw while maintaining the vanity one.  🙂
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  1. We just met you today in the workout room at the gym. Best of luck to you in your competition! You look great, and what an inspiration you are!

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