5 Tips to Get Back on Track

Have you ever kept a garden? I always loved the idea of one. I pictured the beautiful vegetables, fruits and flowers blooming. The reality is not nearly as fun. For anything to grow you have to get down in the dirt and deal with a lot of manure. And then there are the weeds; always cropping up, always trying to kill your labor of love. Not to mention nosy neighbors who would much rather comment on your garden then tend to their own.

Rylee at Lee’s Turkey Farm

Fitness is like that too.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat clean and exercise just once and your body would be stuck in that first bloom of spring forever? *Sigh*

Anyone who knows me, or followed my blog, knows I’m very open about my struggles with emotional eating and striving to live a healthy lifestyle. My entire blog is dedicated to sharing tips and tricks for anyone who also wants to be healthy, understanding that sometimes weeds creep in. Pandemics too.

I’m in the process of pulling the weeds from my fitness garden. Maybe you are too?  Here are 5 things I’m doing to get back on track that you might find useful too:

  1. Clean out your pantry.  You can’t eat junk food that’s not in your house.  Now is a good time to get rid of chips, cookies, sugary drinks – basically anything that you find tempting that doesn’t serve your goals to be healthy.
  2. Double your vegetables. I’m a total eight-year-old when it comes to eating my vegetables, which is to say, I’d rather not! But our bodies need vegetables for the nutrients like fiber and folic acid and vitamins A and C.  When easing back into veggies, I stick with thinks I like like salad and French green beans.  Bonus tip: try adding vegetables to your smoothies. I usually blend in spinach to my protein shake to get the health benefits without the sometimes bitter taste.
  3. Hold yourself accountable. This can be tough.  I do this a number of ways.  When I am training for a bodybuilding competition I take progress pictures.  I wear the same outfit and hold up the number of how many weeks left until I step on stage. Knowing that photos do not lie and progress is noticeable, it helps me to keep up momentum.  Food journals are a good way to become mindful of what you are eating and how often. One of the simplest ways to measure your progress is to try on your favorite jeans. Are they tight, loose or just right?  How ever you keep track, just the act of being mindful often helps you make healthier choices.
  4. Hang out with positive people.  Friends and family who truly care about you will cheer on your successes and will be supportive. Spend your valuable time with them. They make you feel better and feel like you can accomplish your dreams.
  5. Don’t compare. Remember the nosy neighbors who like to comment on your garden? They hang out on Facebook too. If they have something helpful to say, that’s great. Otherwise, focus on your own fitness journey. Do what you need to do to be your happiest, healthiest, best version of yourself.

Your health is a lifelong labor of love. Put in the work and it will bloom year after year.

Be healthy!

Lisa 🙂

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