2009 vs. 2019

There is a trending thing going around Facebook right now where you post a picture of yourself in 2009 alongside one in 2019.  Oh the difference a decade can make!

My baby from 2009 is now a ten-year-old 5th grader and the toddler alongside me now stands almost level to my own head.  I’ve lost my double chin (thank God) and my husband gained a few gray hairs. 

Also, we got an English bulldog named Bruno.  His flatulence is legendary.

We’ve moved from California to Texas.  I’m about to publish my 3rd book.  I discovered bodybuilding and my kids are discovering themselves.  I used to blog about them all the time, but now that they are getting older I find it more important to guard their privacy.

For every rose there is also a thorn.  I lost my mother to cancer.  My husband and I hit some bumps along the road.  There were years when we struggled so hard just to keep our business open.  When I think back on those times I wonder how we made it through.

Standing with my mom and son in 2014

Somewhere through these years I stumbled across a YouTube video that stuck with me.  He was talking about lobsters and said that they will stay cramped up and miserable until they can’t bear the pain and finally shed their shell.  Pain always precedes growth, and I find that the case to be in my own life as well.

The fear of turning older used to be a scary reminder that I’m one year closer to my demise.  I’ll probably always be afraid to die, but I refuse to be afraid to live.   So I’ve turned my lifetime milestones into an event to make sure that face my fears in order to grow as a person – My Annual Birthday Scare.  It’s kind of like having a bucket list, only instead of doing everything at once and then dropping dead, I do one thing per year outside my comfort zone and then eat cake.

38 – Lose the weight by entering a bodybuilding competition.

The before-during-after of my first competition

39 – Skydive (because when you’re facing 40 what better thing to do than jump out of a plane?

40 – Pole dance fitness competition

Pole dance competition

41 – Reality TV show contestant

American Grit

42 – 5 minutes of stand up comedy (opening joke done on Great Day Houston)

Interviewed on FOX26

43 – Take a trip around the world (well, some of the world)

Basilica in Venice

44 – Learn the final dance from “Dirty Dancing”

The Lift

45 – Turn my book, “She’s Losing It!” into a movie script (working on that now).

Overall though, it’s been a wild ride and amazing decade.  Despite mistakes and challenges, I wouldn’t change a thing because the scars you acquire along life’s journey are what make your story an interesting one.  And without setbacks you would never shed your old ideas of your own limits and be able to grow.

Happy 2020.  Wishing you and yours a decade of growth.

Lisa 😉

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Lisa Traugott is a personal trainer, Mom’s Choice Award writer, original cast member of FOX/John Cena’s “American Grit” and has a monthly fitness column on Bowflex.com. She won Ms. Costa Rica Sports Model 2017 and her transformation story was featured in Muscle & Fitness Hers, Good Day Austin, Great Day Houston and Austin Woman Magazine. She blogs at ShesLosingIt.com and is passionate about her clients.

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