10 Things That Annoy Me

I’m usually pretty chipper, but these things drive me nuts.

10 Things that Annoy Me

Turning 40 is Fabulous (but 39 is even better)
Turning 40 is Fabulous (but 39 is even better)
  1. I am older than Justin Bieber’s father.
  2. Every time I look in the mirror a new dark spot appears on my face.
  3. Ma’am
  4. In order to see said dark spots I have to stand really, really close to the mirror because I need reading glasses but haven’t bought them yet because that’s like admitting defeat, and do I really want to see dark spots more clearly anyway?
  5. I used to exercise to look good.  Now I exercise just to maintain what I’ve got!  Curse you 40+ year-old metabolism!
  6. Are Millennials and Generation Y the same people?  And if so, why do they get two names?  I’m from Generation X, as in the Boomers and Millennials just want to X through us like we don’t even matter.   No one ever talks about Gen X.  We are the Peter Brady of generations.
  7. Millennials don’t know who Peter Brady is.
  8. I hate grocery shopping.  Why do I have to bring my own bags to the store now?  And check myself out?  If I wanted to be a cashier I would have never quit my job at CVS when I was 19.  I hate when the machine starts beeping at me because I don’t know which type of apple I purchased.  It’s a red one!  What else do you need to know?  Of course I don’t know your stupid codes; I’m not a store employee!  Where the hell did all the cashiers go?  Hiding with a stack of forbidden plastic bags, no doubt.
  9. Why do commercials for McDonalds show skinny people eating burgers and fries and commercials for Weight Watchers show heavy people eating salad?  Shouldn’t those actors be reversed?
  10. Hello Kitty and I are the same age.  I still don’t get why she’s a thing.

OK, I feel much better now that I’ve vented.  How about you?  What drives you nuts?

Lisa ;)

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