Donald Trump for a Day

How awesome would it be to be Donald Trump for a day?  What must it be like to be so rich that you can literally say anything and not give a sh** what other people think?trump-very-rich

Like, just now, I wrote sh** because I’m a mom, and God forbid another mom from the PTA reads my post and thinks I curse too much.  But the Donald?  No way!  He’d say fu** those PTA kindergarten babymama losers!

Trump is kind of like the Simon Cowell of politics at the moment.  He’s very opinioned and mean spirited, but he sometimes says things that other people only dream of saying aloud.

I love how when he’s wrong he doesn’t even attempt to apologize, but rather doubles down on his narcissistic crazy talk.  The only thing more entertaining was watching Katie Couric interview Sarah Palin.  (I read that Trump is considering her for a position in his administration, should he get elected…)

Wouldn’t it be great if Megyn Kelly, the “bimbo” who asked The Donald actual questions during the Republican debate, responded to his tweets in a similar manner?

“@Donald Sorry I asked questions too tough for you.  I must have been bleeding out of my wherever that day.”tamponIf I were Donald Trump for the day, here’s what I would do and say at the gym:

  • “Hey Millennials, I know it’s international chest day, but do all three of you need to tie up the smith machine to do chest presses together?  Can’t you just spot each other on a bench so everyone else can do squats, you losers?  Friends don’t let friends skip leg day.”upper-body-no-legs
  • Then I would tell random people on the treadmill that they’re fired. trump-youre-fired
  • After ordering and installing the most expensive equipment for my home gym, Traugott Fitness Tower, I would declare bankruptcy.
  • I wouldn’t worry so much about how my hair looked after a workout.  Just the hair thing alone must be liberating. trump-hair

The 2016 election cycle is turning out to be better than any current reality TV show.  I can’t wait to hear what insanity is going to come out of his mouth next.

How about you?  If you had enough money to get away with doing/saying whatever you wanted without seemingly any consequences, what would you do?

Lisa 😉

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