Revised Birthday Scare

I had such great plans for this year. My husband and I were going to do a bodybuilding competition together in July and then celebrate with a working vacation to Scotland where I was going to research for my next novel on the Isle of Skye.

And then life.

The good news was that my daughter got into Stanford University as part of a program where high school students get to take classes with undergrads and get college credit. The bad news was the timing. It started June 24, which meant she’d miss the trip to Scotland, which really would have sucked. So I rescheduled the trip to the start of June and then flew her to California. Great!


Who wants to go on vacation and eat boiled fish and green beans from Tupperware while trying to find gyms in foreign lands? Speaking as a person who actually did that before, it wasn’t fun. That meant a July competition was out, but a fall fitness competition could be done.

But life.

Have you ever started a big goal and then had to reschedule and your motivation got shot to hell? That happened. This is a lot of words to say out of necessity I’m revising my 49th birthday scare from doing a fitness competition to learning to play one song on the guitar. I know they are completely unrelated things, but I never said my bucket list needed to be dictated by logic.

Thus my fitness competition is going to be for my 50th birthday, which kind of makes more sense anyway. It has a nice round number sound to it. Also, it gives me more time to get in shape.

Hope you are all doing well with your own fitness goals or whatever you may be pursuing.

Lisa 😉


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