Fitness Buddies

Sometimes getting healthy can be hard!  It makes it easier when you have a friend who is willing to sweat (suffer?) along with you.

This is my friend, Obidia.  We met at the gym when I was training for my first bikini competition and going through the difficult task of losing 50 lbs.

If you’ve ever been out of shape and joined a gym you will notice that there are the super-in-shape people (gym rats) and everyone else.  You know the person is a gym rat if they: a) are always at the gym when you are, b) look svelte and c) wear headphones so they don’t have to talk to you.

When I first started working out I’d hide my body in oversized sweats and walk endlessly on the Stair Master while checking out the gym rats all stealth-like.

My friend Obidia

One day a gym rat approached me.  I was shocked!  She complimented me on working so hard and introduced herself.  I was also shocked that she was…nice.  I had a lot of false ideas in my head that gym rats must have been mean girls.

It never occurred to me that gym rats were just normal people wanted to get fit.  It really blew my mind when I started to discover that a lot of the fittest people in the gym had once been overweight, or were cancer survivors, or had four children.

Since that first time we spoke we’ve been cardio buddies, shared mommy-tips with each other, and even had a contest once to see who could get bigger biceps.  (She won.)

Whether you and your BFF decide to get fit together, you join a running group or just say hi to someone new at the gym, fitness buddies are great!

How about you?  Who’s your fitness buddy?  Post your pic with the hashtags #ShesLosingIt and #SLIMethod to join in on the Fitness Challenge.

Be healthy.

Lisa 😉

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