Are Yoga Pants Appropriate?

I’ve had a lot of jobs, some of them better than others.  My first real job was working at CVS during the holiday season.  It was there that I learned how to cut apart cardboard boxes, make change at the cash register and go bonkers from hearing a constant loop of Christmas carols for four hours straight every single day.  My uniform was tan pants, white shirt and a CVS vest with a name tag.  I thought the nametag was pretty cool.

After college I managed to pull off a feat no one in my entire extended family thought was possible:  I was a working actress.  Any given day I had to be ready to change my look based on the part I was auditioning for.  Long skirts and corset for classical theatre, thigh-high boots, club dress and blue hair to be a dancer in an indie movie and assorted costumes to be a restaurant patron in various soap operas. When I wasn’t starving it was quite glamorous.

But mostly I was starving, so I got my real estate license.  I worked my way up to managing 1,000,000 square feet of office space for a billionaire.  Every day I wore business suits and fancy high heels.  I looked nice but my feet hurt.  Also, dry cleaning is expensive.

Now I’m a homeschooler and personal trainer.  My wardrobe is yoga pants and funny T-shirts.  The other day I took my kids to a homeschool thing and a woman pointed at me up and down with her finger and said, “Your outfit is adorable but we don’t allow that here.  We have a dress code for parents too.”  Really?

And for the record, it wasn’t even remotely risqué.  I was wearing burgundy tweed leggings and a loose Spartan Run t-shirt that went longer than my hips.

Why are yoga pants forbidden but it’s totally fine for someone to show up with their kids in medical scrubs?  They would have been fine with my CVS uniform or a business suit.  Is my current job somehow less in their puritan eyes?  It kind of makes me want to show up next time with the thigh-high boots and blue hair, just to be a rebel.

I’d also love to sit around in my yoga pants and a mom bun, but apparently that’s offensive.  Did you know there was a protest in Rhode Island last year where about 400 women marched in yoga pants in response to a man who wrote an editorial in a newspaper that said women over 20 should not be allowed to wear yoga pants or mini-skirts?  (Read here:  Women Protest to Defend Yoga Pants).

My first response was, “People still read newspapers?” but after that I was indignant.  Who the hell is this guy to tell an entire population of women how to dress?  And why is his cut-off age 20?  Women are too old at 21??? Eff him!

I’m not to the point of staging a rally, and in fact wore jeans today because God forbid I buck the system, but I was really annoyed about the whole thing.

Here is your chance to vent either way:  Do you think yoga pants and a long T-shirt should be banned in a school setting…as a parent?

Lisa 😉

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