My Bikini Pics from Costa Rica Competition

Quick note:  Posing suits for bodybuilding competitions are very revealing (for both men and women) because you are judged on your muscle symmetry.  If you aren’t comfortable looking at bikini pics, particularly ones that show a lot of booty, skip this post and come back tomorrow when I’m writing about other fitness/nutrition topics.

Whoo hoo!  Just got my stage pictures back from the bikini/sports model competition in Costa Rica.  If you are looking for a great photographer check out: Gorilla Photography!

The sports model has three components:  cocktail dress, bikini and costume/sports outfit.  For the last section I went all out and did a goddess costume with giant gold wings, thus fulfilling a quirky little dream of mine to pretend to be a Victoria’s Secret model.

It took me seven months to do my competition prep for this show and even though it was tough saying no to birthday cake, wine and Indian take out, the end result was worth the delayed gratification, because I won!  I felt stronger than ever and a surge of confidence.  Winning the sports model division at age 43 makes me feel like middle age isn’t as bad as all the magazines make it out to be.  Forty-something is fantastic.

A few quick thank you’s – Thanks to my husband, Henri, and kids Rylee and Henry, for skipping McDonalds all those months in a show of support and cheering me every step of the way.  Thanks coach Robin Johnson Jr. who had me do so many squats I wanted to die, and dance coach Dez Raven who taught me how to move with those giant wings, lol!  Finally, thanks to everyone who follows my blog and sent me encouraging messages throughout – you guys inspire me constantly to keep going even when I want to quit.  Thank you!

And now for the pictures…

Here’s the costume round:

Spreading my wings

Some of the comparisons:

Dress comparisons
costume/fitness comparisons
Bikini comparisons

More bikini pics.  (Warning, booty pose coming up)

Individual walk
Front pose
front comparisons
Bikini comparisons

She’s winning it!  Now the funniest part was that I didn’t even realize I had won because (as we were in Costa Rica) everything was in Spanish and I only speak English.  Once they handed me the trophy though I knew!

I was so shocked and happy!
Standing with my husband

Flexing with my kids

I’m now officially in the off-season, enjoying things like birthday cake, Indian food and wine and also making sure I get my workouts in and eat clean 90% of the time.  My aim is to do another show next summer.

Lisa 🙂

How about you?  Did you ever want to try a bodybuilding competition?

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