Dynamic Warm Up Workout by American Grit star Brooke Van Paris

I’m pulling out all the stops for marathon training this week!  Yesterday there was an uphill/downhill running technique video from my “American Grit” cast mate (and former NFL receiver) Tony Simmons.  Today we hear from one of the Girls of the Grit, Brooke Van Paris.  For those of you who watched the show, Brooke will forever be known as Ice Bath Girl, because her challenge was to fully submerge herself in a bucket of water, jump out and do burpees and then get back in the ice bath.   She went home by way of the hospital. (She’s fine now).

Running with Brooke on American Grit
Running with Brooke on American Grit

I told her that I was running a half marathon to raise money for my friend’s son, JJ, who got into a car crash just before Thanksgiving and is now paralyzed from the neck down.  That touched a nerve, because Brooke, a former gymnast, was also in a horrific car crash that required her to have casts from fingers to elbow leaving her no use of her hands for two years.  She couldn’t eat, bath or use the bathroom by herself and had constant surgeries during that time.  But not only did she manage to graduate college on time and with honors, she also built back her strength and is now an elite obstacle course runner.  You can read her powerful story here:  Meet Brooke Van Paris

In arm casts after her accident
In arm casts after her accident

Today Brooke is going to share a dynamic warm up to do before long distance running.  (I tried it out and it’s really good.)

Thanks for the great workout Brooke!  You can follow Brooke on Facebook – facebook.com/brookevanparis and Instagram – @Brookevanparis.

If you’d like to help JJ, please donate whatever you can.  Any amount is greatly appreciated by JJ and his family!


Johnny James Follis
Johnny James Follis (JJ)

Be healthy,

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