Peak Week – 1 Week Until My next Bodybuilding Bikini Competition

It’s the final week, also known as “peak week” before my next bodybuilding bikini competition.  I’d show you my progress pictures now, but where’s the fun in that?  (Don’t worry I’ll show you my pics after the show.)

Bodybuilding p
Progress pics = Top Secret

This week is notoriously crazy because I’ll be carb-depleting in an attempt to look as cut as possible on stage.  In this video I describe some of the foods I’ve been eating, such as liquid egg whites (Use promo code ShesLosingIt for a $10 discount) and show my supplement stack provided by  I also comment on how the competition prep process was different this time around, since now I’m also on the John Cena show American Grit on FOX.

I hope you found my weekly competition prep videos useful and/or interesting.  Hopefully some of you out there will be inspired to give bodybuilding a try.

Also, as a gift to all my readers, I will be releasing a FREE 21-page e-book.  It gives the 10 Most Common Excuses to Weight Loss and how to overcome them.  These are actual tips, tricks, lists and strategies I use (and have my clients use) to overcome mental blocks holding them back from their fitness goals.  Just sign up for my newsletter and the e-book will be emailed to you this week.  Hope you enjoy it!

Lisa 😉

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