OMG! I’m gonna be in a Pole Competition!!!

Pole invertRemember how I told you that I was auditioning for a pole dance competition for my 40th birthday, and I had no idea which division to submit for?  So I submitted for both Novice (for total newbies) and Masters (for old chicks, but I’m only a level 2 and in theory I could be competing against Level 5 and 6 women) divisions because I wasn’t sure I’d get into either?

Guess who go accepted to both!?!

OMG!  Now I have to come up with not one, but two (2) pole dance routines by May 2nd!  AHHHH!!!!  But…I’m SO EXCITED!!!!

My dance teacher, Dez, sent me like a million texts once the competitors were selected.  We start working on it this Thursday.  I feel a whole new vlog series coming out of this news…

In case you missed my little vlog explaining the back story to all this, here it is, slightly reformatted with the song “Clarity” removed from the very end for copyright reasons.

Wish me luck and happy weekend everyone!

Lisa 😉

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