Get Over That Wall

It’s going to happen.  At some point during your fitness journey you are going to hit a wall, an obstacle that just seems too high to scale, to hard to push past, so you just think it will be easier to give up.

Don’t give up.

Your wall could be finding the time to workout.  Your wall could be saying no to alcohol on the weekends.  Your wall could be eating healthy when you’ve had a bad day.  Or dealing with an injury, or a snowstorm, or a random Tuesday morning when you’re just not feelin’ it.

Everyone faces a wall; how you deal with that wall is what determines your success.  Are you going to give yourself a giant pity party?

“That wall is SO.  HIGH!  It’s not fair that this wall is here!  Other people have smaller walls than me and it’s easier for them to climb because they’re younger than me and never had kids.  If I’m just going to hit a wall every time I start, why start at all?”

You are just giving yourself excuses to quit.

Don’t quit.

You need to recognize that even if you sat perfectly still there would still be obstacles in your life because life is not perfect.  It’s also ok to admit that you need help getting over the wall.  I know I did.

When I was 50 lbs. overweight I had a billion valid reasons why.  My metabolism had slowed down since I was 38.  My kids were still very young and my body had changed.  I had no time.  Health food tasted bad.  People would laugh at me if I worked out and did it wrong.  All very true, legit reasons.

But I signed up for a bodybuilding competition anyway because I was damned and determined to lose that weight.  I hired a personal trainer who called me out on all my excuses until I was tired of listening to my own bullshit.  Once I pushed through that giant mental block of thinking “I can’t” and decided to listen to him, follow my meal plan, and lift weights the weight came off quickly and I’ve been healthy ever since, and that was five years ago.

Now that I’m a personal trainer myself, I see my clients face their own mental obstacle course every single day.  I’ll tell them that like a coach at the base of the wall, I can give you a leg up – tell you the best exercises to sculpt your muscles, suggest the healthiest foods to eat – but YOU have to decide that you are stronger than any wall in front of you.

The truth is you just have to want it bad enough.  That can only come from within.  When your desire to reach your goal is vivid and clear in your mind you will find a way to climb over, dig under, work around or push through your own mental walls.

It may take several, or several hundred attempts, but if you keep at it, trust the process and never give up on yourself, you will push past your own mental blocks.

Because you’re unstoppable.


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