Near or Far, You Can Lose It, Too!

Want to work with Lisa but are too far for in-person training? Don’t sweat it! Receive a custom-tailored exercise plan fit specifically for your competition desires, in the comfort of your own home!

Custom Online Training
Virtual Fitness Coaching with Lisa Traugott

The Total Package

Learn from Lisa who went from borderline obese to international bikini winner and original cast member on John Cena’s “American Grit” on FOX.  She can help guide you on your own fitness transformation journey. Your success is the priority.

What’s included with Virtual Fitness Coaching?

  • Customized nutrition plan reviewed and adjusted according to progress
  • NEW workout plan each month with cardio and strength training based upon your fitness level and goals
  • Weekly progress photo review and adjustments via email
  • One 30-minute video call and two 15-minute check-ins each month



  • 30-minute video one-on-one call to set up fitness goals
  • Access to Exercise and Motivation video library

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