Every Body is Different

One-on-One Personal Training is more than learning exercises and showing up. Your body, your path, and your goals are unique to you, so your custom plan will also be tailored to you.

What can you expect when you follow the plan? You will get in shape in a healthy way by losing fat and build long, lean muscle, so you look strong, sexy, and confident.

Private Personal Training with Lisa Traugott
Fit Looks good for everyone

Getting Into the Groove

In a one-on-one personal training session, you will receive a custom exercise plan specifically for you. Your success is the priority.

  • 5 Pack Training Package
  • First day measurements, weight, and body fat content.
  • Establish needs, goals, and wants
  • Customized meal plan and Grocery List
  • Time management training
  • How-To’s on dealing with sabotage by self and others, overcoming fear, and hurdling mental blocks
  • Home exercise list
  • Direct personal contact for accountability and motivation
  • Weight Loss!

$70/session, 5 sessions for$350

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