I’m in Muscle & Fitness Hers!

What are the stories you tell yourself?  Comedies? Tragedies?

When I’m feeling down you can see it in my face and my features.  My shoulders are slumped, I’m looking down to hide the tears pricking the backs of my eyes and the blush covering my cheeks.  The stories I tell myself are awful.

“You’re not good enough.  You’ll never make it.  People will laugh at you.  No one will like you.  You will fail.  And even if you succeed all your friends will leave you.”

Holding my son in 2012

Holding my son in 2012

These are horrible things to say to anyone, but particularly yourself!  I remember sitting in the car of my daughter’s nursery school, 50 lbs. overweight, marriage on the rocks, business failing, knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly, and sobbing, just sobbing over my life.  I prayed to God, “Please fix me.”

Personally, I seek out the underdog stories.  It’s why my theme song is Rocky and I cry every time I watch the final scene in Dirty Dancing.  It’s what draws me to the musical My Fair Lady and makes me cheer for the ugly duckling who grows into a swan.

See, when I let go of my sob story and replaced it with uplifting ones my life became so much better.  Every day when I got off the treadmill or stepper at the gym I would stop by all the transformation stories posted on the wall and read them.  I’d touch their before and after photos, look at their ages, and try to envision my own pictures there on the wall.  Because if they can do it, I can do it.  And if I can do it, anyone can.

Yesterday, while in Barnes & Noble, I had a most surreal moment.  Because I was holding an issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers, the top magazine for fit women, and there, on page 57, was my own transformation story.

Buy your copy today!

Buy your copy today!

If you are reading this blog post right now and feeling frumpy and old, tired and ugly, overweight and hopeless, switch your soundtrack.  Listen to my own underdog story:

  • You can start sports for the first time ever when you’re middle aged and borderline obese
  • You can lose all the weight after having babies
  • You can pole dance at 40, do a reality TV show at 41, and win bikini competitions at 42

Don’t you dare believe those lies that I used to tell myself: that you’re not good enough or that your too old, or too young, or somehow lacking.  You have everything you need inside you right now to create the life you want to live.

Ask God for a little help.  Then write your own transformation story.

Lisa 🙂

(Please note:  If you live in Round Rock, you will need to go to a different Barnes & Noble because I bought every copy they had.  COME ON!  I’M IN MUSCLE & FITNESS HERS MAGAZINE!!!)

P.S. – If you’re serious about getting healthy, but need help getting started, try my S.L.I. Method on my website ShesLosingIt.com.  Only YOU can do the work, but I can give you the tools that I’ve learned over the past four years about nutrition, exercise and overcoming excuses.


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