Some Jazzy Travel Tips

Howdy, Dallas!
Howdy, Dallas!

The word “travel” can be loosely translated as “a totally valid reason to de-rail my clean eating habits, thus gaining weight through no fault of my own.”  That’s the loose translation.  But according to Jasamine Schmalhaus (aka Jazzy Things)’s new e-book, Healthy Travel Guide, that doesn’t need to be the case.

Downloaded just in time for my trip to Dallas for the pole fitness competition, Jazzy offered some good advice about how to stay healthy in foreign lands.  Like Dallas.

Here are 5 Jazzy Travel Tips:

  • Airlines are fine with you packing food; it’s the liquids they don’t like, so bring your food and freeze your liquids.
  • If you are packing ground turkey, cook them in muffin trays as meatballs so they travel better
  • Use sandwich bags instead of multiple Tupperware containers to save space
  • Even gas stations will sell healthy foods like hard boiled eggs
  • If you eat out remember portion control

    Prepacking my food for the hotel
    Prepacking my food for the hotel

The ebook was a quick read and covered things like which foods are best to pack without getting mushy, how to pack them so they get through airline security, suggestions for seasoning your chicken in new and exciting ways, and tips for not going overboard when you’re eating out on the town.

If you are a person who gets flustered when you’re on the road, then this is the book for you.  It can be purchased here:  Healthy Travel Guide.   If you’d like to get a copy, here’s a 20% discount code!

Discount Code:  ShesLosingIt20

Remember to plan ahead
Remember to plan ahead

After reading this book I believe the new translation for “travel” is “same healthy food, different location.”

Lisa 😉

Please note:  I received no compensation for this post beyond a copy of the ebook to review.  All opinions are my own.

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