Wonder Where the “Woman” Is?

Wonder-WomanOK, so in the new Superman vs. Batman movie, Superman looks about 35, Batman looks 43 and Wonder “Woman” looks, like 12.  What’s up with that?

I think I read that the actress is actually in her 20’s but that’s not the point here.  Where are the superhero women the same age as their male counterparts?  I know the movie is for guys and their male fantasies but the closest thing to my fantasy female moment was when Big Dick got it on with Andie MacDowell’s character in Magic Mike XXL.  At least in that movie you didn’t have to be a hot millennial to get laid.

I think it would be awesome if they made a movie called The Real Wonder Woman and she was getting fitted for her costume and was like, “Whoa, add some material to the midsection and thighs there, sport, I just birthed some babies and have stretch marks to keep super-secret.”

Also, does the Real Wonder Woman ever look in her closet and think, “Are these boots too young for me?”  ‘Cause I look in my closet all the time and have no clue what to wear anymore if it’s not gym clothes or jeans.  It’s like I look at my skirt and it says, “Lisa, the 20th century is calling you; it wants its jeans skirt back.”  Or, to return to the superhero references, “Holy 90’s Batman, call the fashion police!”

It would also be nice to put a little lasso of truth around Wonder Woman so we could see her do basic middle age maintenance stuff like color her hair and get some Botox.  Or at least eat salad and lift weights, ’cause no one looks like that without some serious dieting and bodybuilding.

Wouldn’t it be funny if you saw Supergirl on the treadmill running at speed 11 and the Real Wonder Woman say, “Eff this, I’m too old to prove myself,” and watch her adjust the speed to a more realistic speed 7?  That would be awesome.

Oooh!  What if the Real Wonder Woman hooked up with Super Boy?  Or some 20-something superstud?  I would totally pay full price tickets to watch that movie.

That post had nothing to do with fitness.  Oh well.

Lisa 😉

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2 thoughts on “Wonder Where the “Woman” Is?

  1. Hahaaa! She does look like a baby in pleather. I guess her super powers prevent lines, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks and chin hair.
    I need to get me some super powers!

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