Ima Get Me Some Game

Alright, y’all know I got no game.  But I will fix that!  I’m taking dance classes now.  OMG, it’s so much fun!   And people are just as embarrassed as me!

The teacher, Serena, is really good.  I told her about my fitness goals; that I wanted to learn how to be comfortable with my body and do the fitness competition for my 40th birthday.  She thought that was pretty cool.Dance

One of the first things we had to do in class was just walk in a circle.  You’d think this would be easy.  But wait!  We had to walk in a circle…and be sexy.  ‘Cause that’s not awkward, right?

“You’re feline.  Point your toes and drag them behind you as you walk.  Think tigress.  Think panther.”

I was more clumsy monkey…

“The female body is gorgeous.  This is your body.  Let your hands explore up and down the seams of your shirt.  Let your fingers tease through your hair and see how that feels.”

It’s kinda hard to tease your hair when it’s in a sloppy braid.  Note to self:  Wash hair with Herbal Essence next time and do not braid. 

“Who here has seen the Queen of England run?”

We blink at each other in the circle, our hands mid hair exploration.

“Exactly!  That bitch has power!  She walks and makes her audience wait for her.  Slow it down.  Gooood.”

I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m loving the ride there.

How about you?  Do you like to dance?

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