Pop Quiz: Worst Exercise

Pop Quiz:  What is the worst exercise ever?

A)  Burpeesburpees

B)  Sprints


C) Chasing after toddler in the supermarket while pregnant, or chasing toddler anytime.


D)  Weighted planks with rows


Answer:  Planks with rows.

What do you think the worst exercise is?

Lisa ;)

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19 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: Worst Exercise

  1. I love planks with weighted rows, call me crazy, sprints have got to be the worst, burpees are up there as well. Chasing a toddler while pregnant? Never had to do it, sounds like a real challenge. YIKES!

  2. Weighted lunges. I don’t know what it is because I usually love anything that burns bad, but I just hate weighted lunges! Never tried chasing a toddler in a supermarket while pregnant though. 🙂

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