Lisa vs. Halloween Candy

OK, y’all know I have severe problems 1) sticking to my diet, and 2) remembering things like Pajama Day.  Well this week proved to me that A) God is testing me, and B) God has a wicked sense of humor.  Know why?  Because Rylee’s school chose this time frame to be School Spirit Week.  (Not dayweek.)

That entailed Rylee dressing up in a different themed outfit each and every day culminating in a school carnival to be held this weekend, for which she had to bake and decorate a monster-themed cake.

Monday was Hippy Day.  Tuesday was Nerd Day.  Wednesday she had to wear red.  Today was Twin Day and tomorrow, God help me, is Pajama Day.

Add to this a parent-teacher conference and tomorrow is Henry’s fall festival where I will be face painting designs on toddler’s faces.

All this stuff I handled like an ubermom trooper.  But she has to BAKE a CAKE too?!??

I bought the baking supplies on Monday and put them in the garage so I wouldn’t have to see them, but today they had to make an appearance.

My trip to NJ was such a dietary setback I resolved to make a plan for today’s pastry event.  I took my show photo from the first competition and put the countdown next to it and put it on the kitchen table amongst all the chocolate I would have to deny myself.  That was actually helpful. 

But it took forever for the decorating process to be completed.  “Mommy, can you open this candy wrapper?”  Um, no?  I opened the wrappers.  I wanted to open my mouth and woof down those damn KitKat bars.

The kids mixed the batter, and licked the bowl, sampled the frosting and digested half the candy meant to decorate the cake.

I cooked myself Meal 5 as a distraction and ate it all so I wouldn’t crave the sugar rush.

But that candy looks sooooo good.  And it’s not like the show is TOMORROW, right?

NO!  Chew gum, chew gum, chew gum, chew gum, chew gum, chew gum, chew gum, chew gum, chew gum!

The kids finished the cake.  The cake did not finish me.  So there!

  (But I did lick the spoon just a little.  Doh!  Don’t tell Daniel!)


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