Chocolate Caramel Protein Pancakes

Muscle EggIt’s no secret that I consume A LOT of egg whites as part of my bodybuilding meal plan.  That’s why I was so happy to find MuscleEgg.  They sell egg whites in gallon containers and they also sell flavored egg whites.  As in chocolate and chocolate caramel flavored egg whites.  How cool is that?

They gave me two flavors to review – Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel.  This was especially wonderful for me because, like Rocky, I drink my egg whites (providing they are pasteurized.)

MuscleEgg is pasteurized (yay!) and is shipped to customers in a frozen state to utilize its freshness.  If it remains frozen, the shelf life is 1 year.  (Helpful, if you are having an extended off season.)  Once thawed, the shelf life is 30-35 days.  One gallon equals approximately 160 egg whites.

For straight up drinking, my vote is for Chocolate.  It tastes like drinking chocolate milk.   The Chocolate Caramel was too sweet to drink, even for me, but it was perfect to make pancakes.   If you would like to buy some, click the link: MuscleEgg

Below is the recipe for you:

Chocolate Protein Egg White Pancakes

1/3 cup cottage cheeseMuscle Egg - add cottage cheese

1/3 cup oatmealMuscle Egg - add oatmeal

1/3 cup MuscleEgg liquid chocolate caramel egg whites Muscle Egg - add egg whites

Blend in blender to smooth consistency.

Muscle Egg - put in blender

Muscle Egg - mix to make batter

Pour in pan and cook.Muscle Egg - griddle

I added sugar free syrup and some berries.  Enjoy!

Yummy chocolate pancakes!

Yummy chocolate pancakes!

Full disclosure here:  I am affililiate for MuscleEggs, which means if you click on the link and buy some I will get a small commission…so I can use the money to buy more MuscleEggs…hmm…

Lisa 😉

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  • blackhuff

    Yum! I make pancakes with egg whites and banana.


      Sometimes I add banana too. It’s so tasty!

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