Want Pole Dancing Lessons?

Looking for a fitness class that’s more interesting than running on a treadmill?  Have I got the hook up for you!  My friend, Serena Hicks, is opening a pole dancing studio, Bon Bon Dance Studio,  soon and is offering huge discounts for classes and private lessons for new students.Bon_Bon_School_of_Dance_v2.large

Serena is not your typical dance instructor.  She also used to run an online bakery business and works for the Austin American-Statesman.  That alone makes her interesting.  How she opened her studio is pretty intriguing too.  She joined a thing called kickstarter.com, which is a site where creative types can explain their project (her’s was to open a pole dance studio) and investors and regular people pledged money to help her meet her fundraising goal, which was $15,000.  She offered all kinds of perks to investors from specialty baked goods to private pole dancing lessons and her eclectic tenacity paid off:  She exceeded her fundraising goal and her studio will open tentatively in February.

I’m excited to try out her studio where her classes can last longer than your typical 50 minute deal that stops just when things start to get interesting.   This is a women’s only dance studio and she encourages women of all ages and fitness levels to give it a try.  She’s a great teacher and is offering very affordable packages.  Here are just a few:The Art of Pole

  • $250 for FIVE (5) private 1:1 lessons where you have Serena’s undivided attention to work on whatever your heart desires (Spins?  Inversions? Presence? All of the above?!) for 75 minutes at a time! Comes complete with one class pass to an INTRO to #heARTdance course class
  • $275 to secure your spot in an 8 week heARTdance series.  Every dancer will start in a Level1 heARTdance series (either the Beginner or Experienced track). Each 8 week series guarantees your spot in the small (no more than 9 students) 2-hour cumulative class at the same time, with the same group of ladies, each week.  This must be used within one year of the studio opening date.
  • $300 for One 90 minute Private Group Class (read: best ever Girl’s Night Out, Bachelorette or Book Club adventure ever!) for you and up to 9 of your friends… i.e. no more than 10 students total.  This must be used within one year of the studio opening date.

To sign up for classes click here:  Pole Dancing Lessons.   It takes you to the kickstarter website.  To purchase your package, click on the link and follow the prompts.  There are other packages available to choose from as well.  Time is limited – these rates will only last for the next 7 days and then will increase to the standard retail price.

Hope to see you spinning on a pole next to me!

Lisa ;)

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