Dear Quarantine Diary,

The lockdown is semi-officially over in Texas.  Restaurants and retail stores can open again at 25% capacity (50% capacity if you’re located in an area with fewer than 5 cases) and the government will monitor the situation for two weeks.  If there isn’t Armageddon, businesses like hair salons and gyms will open around May 18th.  Schools will be closed for the rest of the year though, making things way more complicated for working moms.

My son is supposed to graduate from elementary school and my daughter is supposed to graduate from middle school.  The 5th grade teachers are going to drive by the neighborhood for a quarantine parade and we will watch from our doors, which is actually a pretty cool idea.  I have no idea what the middle school is going to do – maybe a Zoom call?

My friends and family for the most part live in New Jersey and it is a full blown nightmare there right now.  Grocery stores are shutting down because workers are infected, truck drivers don’t want to do deliveries and people are getting mad at those who aren’t wearing facemasks.  My brother said people are having Corona parties right now to get herd immunity, but then police are being dispatched to break it up.

They think Texas is crazy for opening up businesses again.  While I’m happy that people can start working, I seriously don’t want to be in contact with people right now.  But I also realize that Texas is different than New York and New Jersey.  Public transportation isn’t really a thing here, and everything is so spread out we’re socially distanced by default.  I guess we’ll all find out soon enough (gulp!)

Quarantine Diary, I must confess:  I had the greatest of intentions to look at this forced staycation as an opportunity to MariKondo my house, finish reading the 50 books I had started and abandoned mid-chapter, and perhaps finally learn Spanish.

Instead I became reacquainted with Netflix.  Netflix is awesome.  So is popcorn, chips and alcohol.  I’ve binge watched “Tiger King”, one hella trainwreck of a show (Carole totally fed her husband to the tigers) and “Outlander”, a historical fiction mixed with time travel, a tall, shirtless Highlander, and LOTS of sex

Jamie Fraser – Outlander

and am slowly working my way through “The Last Kingdom”, which is medieval Vikings vs. Saxons adventure overflowing with exciting violence and gore.  And Uhtred, my new best friend.

Uhtred – The Last Kingdom

I think I’m doing a deep dive into escapism.  I think my dog, Bruno, is ready for everyone to go back to work/school.  Sometimes he looks at us with his head cocked to the side as if to say, “Don’t you people have somewhere to be?”

Our family sleep schedules are off by about four hours and sometimes we wear pajamas for three days.  I guess a more positive spin would be to say that we have embraced our inner slacker.

At some point I will write about bodybuilding again, but for now I’m happy to appreciate all those hot shirtless actors who have done the strength training work for our collective pleasure.

Your face-masked friend,

Lisa 😉


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  1. I’m catching up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Netflix, there’s 6 seasons,started with the first one, now I’m on Season 4, and there’s about 22 episodes per season. I just don’t feel like doing much, and well as you know, that’s not allowed really around here….I’d much rather be in our own home like we used to have.

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