5 Hacks to Quit Sugar

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “How do I quit sugar?” We all know it’s bad for us. It can lead to obesity, diseases like diabetes and plain old fashioned cavities. But! But! But! It tastes really good.

I get it. I was born with a sweet tooth and during the off season (when I’m not actively training for a bikini competition) I will go after those chocolate chip cookies like they’re the last dragonsglass sword in Westeros.

The thing is, your body doesn’t want or need all that extra sugar. Quitting the habit is hard to do, and that’s why I made this video with my 5 Hacks to Quit Sugar.

Not only do I give you tips that you can put into action today, but also mention studies to back them up (#YayScience) and tell you a quirky little study about rats eating Oreo cookies.

Depending on your body, it takes 3-21 days on average to kick your sugar addiction to the curb. Personally, it takes me 10 days to detox from sugar and stop craving it, and then can go for long stretches (9 months at a time) without eating any of it. (I still get my sweet fix through different options.)

Check out my video to find out my secrets…

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Be healthy!


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