Winter is Here

I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties, but in my defense I’ve been binge watching all the previous seasons of Game of Thrones, because priorities.

There are two main problems with me binge watching TV:

  1. I go overboard eating popcorn
  2. An hour in front of the TV is an hour away from the gym

But winter is coming and if Daenerys can walk into fire and birth some dragons, surely I could create some new habits to accommodate GOT, right?

Trying to come up with a suitable replacement for popcorn has been pretty tough.  My evening snacks have included caramel rice cakes (my favorite so far), roasted bell peppers with sea salt, and vanilla protein pudding with almond butter.  Those are fine in and of themselves, but my problem is that I don’t just watch one episode per night, it’s more like three, and that’s a lot more late night snacking than I’m used to doing. 

What also doesn’t help is that they’ve created a Game of Thrones wine.  Seriously.  And yes, I drank it during the first episode of Season 8 because “I drink and I know things” and plan to drain the next bottle during episode 3 and then plan to consume the last bottle, during the final episode, which I’m sure will be sipped between sobbing for characters dying awful deaths. “If you thinks this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Game of Thrones wine

To overcome the time away from the gym I’ve compensated by moving my stationary bike next to the TV and I also brought in a set of dumbbells should I feel inclined to pump some iron while watching the Ironborn. 

Cardio + Binge Watching GOT


However, I’ve discovered something about myself, which is that when I’m watching Game of Thrones I want to be watching it and not sweating on a bike or doing bicep curls.  I can multi-task cardio all day long with motivational YouTube videos, but one must bring a certain amount of concentration when trying to determine who will eventually sit on the Iron Throne.

Also, have you ever tried to consume caramel rice cakes and wine while on a stationary bike?  Me neither, which is why I sat on the reclining couch and ate it there, minus the rice cakes, plus multiple bowls of popcorn. Like many of the flawed GOT characters I too had to admit my personal failings at seeking fitness willpower perfection and embrace the fact that sometimes you just have to live a little bit, eat popcorn, drink wine, and switch to a bikini competition in August instead of June.

See?  Even us trainers have a hard time living a healthy lifestyle sometimes!   The good news is that I only have two episodes left and I’m all caught up, which is good because I’m truly starting to miss my gym time. And I’m definitely going to dress up like the Mother of Dragons again for the theme wear section for my next competition.

My Game of Thrones costume/hair

How about you?  How do you adjust your schedule for binge watching?

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