What Are Your August Fitness Goals?

I’m a big believer in setting goals and then holding myself accountable to finish them.  I used to go a little overboard with this, writing lists of things to do and then, even if I completed multiple things, I still felt kind of bad for not finishing Every.  Single.  Thing.

So now that I’m older and wiser (?) I’ll pick one or two big goals to complete by the end of the month and then break it down into weekly tasks or even daily tasks.

For example, last month two colossal goals:  Complete a #5000SquatChallenge and write 50,000 words to complete the first draft of my next book, “Homeschool Road Trip”.

July Goals – Status Check

The squat challenge started easily enough: Do 10 squats and then add 10 more squats each day (more or less) and by the end of the month I would have completed 5,000 squats.  It’s all fine and dandy when you’re doing 20 or 30 per day, but if you don’t follow the plan at the end of the month when you’re supposed to do 220+ squats a day and need to do multiple sets to play catch up it literally (and figurately) becomes a giant pain in the ass to complete.  I met the goal but I think the next time I plan a fitness challenge it will be less hardcore.  Status:  Done!

Why did I think this was a good idea?

The 50,000 word challenge was fun at first, but it too became difficult, especially the last 7,500 words.  Some of the pages were just filler things like INSERT HISTORY OF GLADIATORS HERE knowing that the key goal was to get the rough draft done and that I would be going back to edit at a later date.  My two favorite words became “the end”.  But I do feel like it was a huge accomplishment.  Status:  Done!

50,000 words!

That brings us to the current month…

Goals for August

  1. Start competition preparation for my next bikini competition (November 18)
  2. Focus on my upper body
  3. Eat clean

How about you?  What are YOUR fitness goals?

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