5 Hacks for New Runners

The weather is getting cooler – perfect for running!  But if you’ve never run before (or haven’t run in awhile) here are some tips to help you out.

5 Hacks for New Runners

  1. Start Slow.  One cannot run into running.  You need to build up your endurance so you don’t injure yourself.  One technique I’ve used with success is to run for one minute and then walk for one minute.  This allows you to put less strain on your legs while building up endurance.  Once this becomes easy, try running for two minutes and walking for only one.  Continue this process, building to the point where you can run the whole time.
  2. Eat 2-3 hours before you run.  Why?  So you don’t need a potty break during a long run!  Running can make you go to the bathroom, so time your food so you have enough energy without needing to find a shrub to christen.  For more tips read here:  Potty Talk for Runners
  3. Talk yourself through it.  At some point when you run you will feel really tired and want to quit.  In most cases this is just your mind giving up; your body can probably push a lot further than you’d think.  Pick a point in the distance and tell yourself you only have to run to that point.  As you get closer, pick a new point.  It sounds silly but these little mental tricks can get you over a finish line.

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  4. Avoid untied shoelaces.  This is a great trick I learned training for my first marathon.  Tuck the ends of your shoe laces under the rest of your laces.  It keeps them in place so they won’t come undone, which is a bonus if you’re already prone to tripping over your own feet.
  5. Run hills.  This will build strength in your legs and help you run faster.  Want some tips?  Check out this video from my American Grit friend (and former NFL player) Tony Simmons:  Uphill Downhill Technique – Tony Simmons

Whether you’re training for a marathon, mud run or just a run in the park, remember to be safe, have fun and give yourself a pat on the back for making healthy choices.  #YouCanDoIt

Lisa 😉

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