The First Day Back Is The Hardest

For the past ten days I’ve been trekking though the southern states,

Henry in Williamsburg, VA next to colonial flag

walking in the shoes of historical ancestors of our nation

Lincoln Memorial

and driving nonstop for hours between museums.  It was great but my body hurts.

Not only am I stiff from driving 8-12 hours each day, but the prepared healthy food I cooked up was eaten by day 4 and by the end of the trip I just gave up and ordered pizza at the hotel.

My prepped food? Gone by day 4

Not my proudest moment as a personal trainer, but sometimes take out is the best option for sanity.  Also, let’s face it, if you’re in New Orleans than by God you should eat beignets.

When in NOLA…

We arrived home Tuesday night and on Wednesday I was up at 5 a.m. to get to the gym.  My first workout back was leg day because I’m a masochist.  I could barely walk.  I will also confess to falling asleep while my children did their math homework.  Not my proudest teacher moment.

I woke up to a pile of laundry from the road trip to be done and a passive-aggressive bulldog who barked all night to protest that fact that we left him for so long.  (Don’t worry – my husband was home taking care of the dog while I travelled with the kids.)

He’s lucky he’s cute. STOP BARKING!!!

Today I’ve already trained my first client and have two more after homeschool today, which is good because in two days I’m going to open the mail and see my credit card bill of how much this little homeschool adventure of mine costs.

The first day(s) back are the hardest.  All the stuff on my to-do list from before didn’t magically disappear while I was gone, in fact it magically multiplied.  Oh well; I’m still glad we took the trip.

To aid my re-entry into clean eating and exercise I’ve decided to give myself a fun goal to keep me motivated:  I’m going to dress up like Daenerys from Game of Thrones (aka – blonde chick with dragons) for Halloween.  Or an Amazon warrior from the Wonder Woman movie.  In either case I’ll want to make sure the costume fits.

How about you?  Have you slightly fallen off the clean eating wagon?  Well, get back on with me.  Pick a goal that motivates you and go for it.

Lisa 🙂

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