I Can and I Will

Mondays can be rough, that’s why I like to post motivational quotes to get me through it.  Here’s the quote:

I Can and I Will.

One of the most motivating things someone can say to me is ‘No’.  Because if someone says ‘no’ it just means that I’m explaining it wrong.  Because when I get an inking in my mind no one is going to stop me.  Ever.

I’ll bet you’re like that too.  Think of all the things you’ve done in your life just by deciding that you wanted it bad enough and were willing to work hard enough to get it.

Here’s a list of some of the things you may have said ‘I can’ to and then did:

  • Graduate from school
  • Find a job
  • Travel someplace new
  • Move
  • Start a relationship
  • Volunteer for a cause you believe in
  • Start a family
  • Win an award
  • Create a bucket list and start working through it

When you look at the successes you’ve had in your life, let them motivate you to keep going. 

If you’ve always wanted to get fit, but never felt like it was something you could do personally, then say the quote like a mantra:

I Can and I Will.

  • I can eat whole, unprocessed foods and I will.
  • I can exercise 30 minutes a day and I will.
  • I can change my life and I will.


Lisa 😉

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