Take Chances

Mondays can be rough, that’s why I like to post motivational quotes to get me through it.  Here’s the quote, the author is anonymous.

Take chances.  When rowing forward, the boat may rock.

People in general hate change.  Change is scary.  You could fail and that would be humiliating.  You could succeed and then everyone might expect more from you.  Sometimes it’s easier to stay in the same situation because it’s familiar, even if it is miserable.

Part of taking a chance to start a new business, or enter your first Spartan race or go on that first date means that there will be risks involved and no guarantee of reward.

Take that chance anyway.

Let’s say you want to run a marathon before you reach your 40th birthday.  You could fall into two potential mental traps before you even begin.  The first is if you over-analyze and thing of every possible thing that could go wrong (injury, time-management issues, figuring out which running shoes to buy and how to pay for them) and then convince yourself that it’s too hard so you quit before even stepping up to the start line.  The second trap is to underestimate what’s involved and convince yourself that a marathon is so easy you can just sign up for it the night before.  Then when you do actually run and smack into a problem you’ll have no idea what to do and will quit.

But if you make a game plan, figure out not only possible problems but possible solutions for each one, then there’s nothing that can hold you back.

Remind yourself that starting a new fitness program will have challenges and that’s normal.  Mentally prepare for the reality that each journey has the potential to turn into an obstacle course.  But when you arrive at your destination you will be stronger for it.


Lisa 😉

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