Yell At Me, Please

I’m not sure if it’s summer vacation or the coming solar eclipse or just something in the water, but recently I’ve been getting a lot of messages from readers and clients that they are having problems staying motivated.

“I’m overwhelmed, I can’t get my workouts in or my diet right, I’ve lost motivation and I don’t want to gain back the weight.”


“I’ve finished a competition and suddenly I feel like eating everything.”

And even:

“Lisa, I’ve fallen off track.  Please yell at me.”

Some people want a gentle nudge and other people need a swift kick in the butt, so I’m channeling my inner drill sergeant now.  #ToughLove

Photo: Cpl. Carrie C. Ruiz, Business Insider

Oh, you’ve fallen off track?  GET BACK ON TRACK.


Yes, you lost some weight, but you haven’t reached your goal.  Now is not the time to celebrate and drink beer.  You have work to do.

I don’t care what you ate over the weekend.  That was yesterday.  This is today.  Drink your water.  Eat healthy food.  Exercise.  Then repeat.  Whatever crap you have in the pantry needs to be thrown out today.

Are you going to tell your kids that you quit?  What does that say to your daughter?  She’s watching you.  Do you really want to teach her to give up on herself when things get hard?

You’re not feeling motivated every single minute of the day?  Guess what, no one is.  Every day you are faced with hundreds of small choices: wake up or hit snooze, eat clean or eat junk.  Your body represents the history of your past choices.  Fix this now.  You have goals.  You need to make the choice to get back on track.  NOW.






There’s no magic to motivation, you just have to do it sometimes.  Feel motivated after you start.

Hope that helps!

Lisa 🙂

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