Park Workout

Today we busted out of the gym and had my client do a park workout.  Of course, being a trainer, I felt compelled to bring all of my gym toys with me (stability ball, resistance bands, dumbbells, etc.), yet the joy of park workouts is that you can also just use your bodyweight and the environment.

Shannon killed it!

The added heat of the day was good for our muscles and helped us to sweat more.  We put on sunscreen and bug spray (don’t mess with Texas insects) before we got started and also made good use of our towels and water.

My kids helped us carry everything from the car and our workout must have looked pretty fun because they kept trying to leave the playground and join us.

Here’s what we did.  You can use bodyweight if you’re just starting out or resistance bands/weights if you want more of a challenge.  Oh, and remember, not all exercises are right for everyone.  Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.  This post is for information only.

SLI Method Park Workout

Working out with my kids

Warm-up – Run for 5 mins.

Banded squat walks with dumbbell curls.  Put resistance bands around your ankles and take a step to the side.  As you squat down, keeping your knees in a 90 degree angle, do biceps curls.  When you stand up, push through your heels and lower your arms down.  Take 50 steps in one direction.  Rest for 45 seconds.

Banded squat walk with dumbbell hammer curls.  Repeat as above in the opposite direction, this time doing hammer curls (your palms face towards each other) instead of standard curls.  Take 50 steps in opposite direction.  Rest for 45 seconds.

Barbell squats – Do 100 reps of regular stance squats.  Superset with…

Weighted stability ball crunches.  Roll down a stability ball so it is resting under your lower back.  Holding a dumbbell, crunch up lifting the weight straight up.  You should be lifting up, not going forward.  We had our toes pressed against a tree trunk to give us extra stability.  Do 50 reps.  Rest for 45 seconds.

For the next round, do the barbell squats in a wide stance for 100 reps and superset with the stability ball crunches for 50 reps.  Rest for 45 seconds.

Donkey kicks with resistance bands.  Put a mat or towel down and kneel on it with your hands in front of you.  Put your resistance band around the arch of your foot and hold it so there is gentle resistance.  Keeping your left foot on the ground, raise your right leg so it is in line with your back.  Lift up for 25 reps.  Repeat on the other leg.  Do 3 sets.

Bench step-ups with dumbbells.  You can step up on a park bench (provided that’s allowed) while holding a dumbbell in each hand.  Do 15 reps on each leg for 3 sets.  If there isn’t a bench nearby, you can do standard lunges on the ground.

Cool down – jog for 5 minutes.


Lisa 🙂

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