Pictures from Competition and 4 Week Update

It’s four weeks until my next competition, which will be in Costa Rica, and I’m hungry.  Winning 3rd place in the classic bikini division last week made me hungrier for a win, made me want to work harder in the gym, and yeah, I’m hungrier for carbs too!

One thing I realized is that I really need to upgrade my costume for the theme wear round.  The sky’s the limit for this round, as you can see from this group shot.

Costume round from the competition

My costume was a totally legit Dallas Cowboys outfit, if football players decided to wear sexy outfits and boots on the field while carrying a matching Nerf ball, but whatever.

My football costume

My new costume is being piecemealed out through various Halloween online websites and etsy stores.  I can’t wait for it to arrive!

The bikini is purple and sparkly, so I’m very happy with it.  Even though my clip in hair extensions were blue, it still worked.  I’m happy with my side poses and prefer one back pose over the other, so those are set.  I still have to tweak my front pose.

Purple bikini / blue hair

We (finally!) have our plane tickets and hotel set up.  Now I just need to register for the competition when the forms become available and figure out stuff like how to get a spray on tan in a foreign country.  No biggie, right?

I’m also practicing Spanish with my kids on Duolingo.

But mostly I’m looking at the scale in a panic because there’s a big difference between where I am now and where I want to look four weeks from now when I’m standing onstage next to a bunch of 20-something women in bikinis.  The margin for error is about as narrow as a tightrope when you do bodybuilding competitions and it all comes down to food science and following the plan.

I’d love to write more about this but I need to do about a bazillion squats right now and eat some protein.

Lisa 😉

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