Competition Prep Update – 9 weeks

The bikini competition in Costa Rica is fast approaching and week 9 started on a surprise second honeymoon vacation in St. Croix and ended with double pool and sleepover birthday parties for my kids.

Progress picture

To say that weight gain was inevitable is technically a lie, but on planet reality I think we all knew that some weight gain was headed my way.

Or, as my trainer Robin likes to call it, “You owe me two pounds.”

My trainer, Robin Johnson

Note: If you really want to piss off your trainer, gain two pounds during bikini competition prep.

This led to several punitive workout sessions.  My “warm up” was running on a level 10 incline at speed 5 for 10 minutes.  (And don’t even think about holding the treadmill rails.)

Every strength training exercise he gave me was followed by an “active recovery”.

To explain:  Between each set of exercises, like dumbbell curls, you typically rest 30-90 seconds to allow the ATP stores to replenish themselves so you are able to lift again without feeling fatigued.   When you are doing “active recovery” you are doing a cardio exercise after your curls instead of just sitting there.

Ask me what my active recovery was.  Sprints.  On an incline.  Technically I was resting my arms, so it counted as an active “recovery”.

Just by reading the description, I’m willing to bet you too can see why active recoveries suck.  Are they effective at getting you to lose weight?  Sure, but that’s totally not the point.  The point is I feel like whining right now.

But the crime was so worth the punishment.  I had a great time on my anniversary in St. Croix and believe it or not I’m also totally ok with tough workouts if it means I reach my fitness goals.

On a boat in St. Croix

After I came home it was a mad dash to get ready for the next endeavor.  My kids had their birthday parties this weekend so my house was overflowing with little humans squirting each other with water guns and staying up late to whisper secrets about Harry Potter and whatever else ten-year-old girls discuss at 2am.

Rylee and her friends

It still hasn’t quite hit me yet that my first born is about to become double digits.  It seemed like I was pregnant just moments ago.  She’s getting so tall!  And I’ve been a mother for a decade!  #TooMuchToProcess

My son still is my baby, but that baby is going to be eight years old.  He’s really got a lot of thoughts racing through that brain of his.  “How come they only teach about 3D and 4D?  What’s the 16th dimension?”  “Is it better to live forever or be a billionaire for a few years?”  “Is the Illuminati real?”  

My son, Henry

To which I answer, “Ask Google?”

Did I mention that I’m homeschooling both of them next year?  Either it’s going to go really well or it will drive me to drink.  I’m pretty excited about it, actually.  I already starting shopping for 3rd grade lesson plans and Rylee and I have established a good routine so we will continue on that path.

Also, I’m going to be my daughter’s Girl Scout troop leader because I believe in overextending myself.  I went on the first training meeting last week and have to sign up for classes on how to go camping and stuff.  But since I ran through the snow-covered forest carrying a giant log on American Grit last year, I guess cabin-camping in Texas is pretty much a piece of cake.

Running with log on American Grit

Speaking of cake, the only thing preventing me from eating it (and the pizza) was the thought of Robin forcing me to have active recoveries on the treadmill this week too.  So I guess that was an effective training strategy.

Oreo cookie protein is almost as good as cake. Almost.

I also started training five new clients this week, which is pretty fun.  Some of them are online clients and some I train at Robin’s gym, MVP Elite Fitness in Round Rock.

My new clients include another mother-daughter team training for their first bikini competition, a woman training for a half marathon, several clients wanting to shed some pounds for the summer and a women recovering from cancer who wants to regain muscle.  Honestly, I’m pretty inspired by each of their stories.  Their goals are my goals now, so it’s going to be a rewarding summer to help them push their limits.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Lisa 🙂

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