7 Ways to Deal with an Injury

7 Ways to Deal with an Injury

I totally injured myself last week. (Happy birthday?) I was doing a short run mid-week and tripped on an uneven sidewalk and managed to pull my right calf to the point where I could barely walk. 

The half marathon is in 12 days so I’m going to do everything possible to heal myself.  Here’s what I’ve been doing:


1.     Ice it.  Do 20 minutes of ice, 20 minutes off, repeat for an hour

2.     Skip running.  This one is killing me!  I don’t want to reinjure myself so I haven’t run in a week, giving my body time to heal

3.     Exercise around it.  I can’t do cardio right now, but I can do upper body weight lifting.  I also can do isolation leg exercises that work the quad but not the calf.

4.  Foam roll.  Foam rolling is also known as poor man’s massage because you use the cylinder to work the knots out using your own body weight.  If you’ve never tried it before, here’s an article explaining how to do it and why:  Self Myofascial Releasefoam-roller-lisa-traugott

5.     Compression socks.  Bought some sexy compression socks that make me feel like I am 80.  But they help keep the swelling down.compression-socks

6.     Mild stretching.  I don’t want to overextend my muscle, so I’m doing simple stretches like flexing my foot periodically throughout the day.  I have a lot more range of motion this week than after the first day.

7.     Revise goal/See a doctor.  My half marathon goal will not be aiming for a time, it will be aiming to finish without further injury.  Hopefully I haven’t damaged myself too badly.  My inclination is to just push past the pain, but if I re-injure myself that’s not really helping anyone, so I’m getting my calf checked out.

I’m training for a half marathon to help raise money for Johnny James Follis (JJ) who is paralyzed from the neck down.  Please


Any amount is greatly appreciated by JJ and his family!

Johnny James Follis

Johnny James Follis

Be healthy,

Lisa 🙂

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