I Can’t Count and Bikini Pictures

So, you know how yesterday I was doing my weekly check-in for the 30 Day Challenge and I said I was ready to start “peak week” which is also known as “hell week” or perhaps more appropriately described as “the” “week” “my” “trainer” “won’t” “let” “me” “eat” “carbohydrates” “except” “for” “green beans” “and” “asparagus” “while” “still” “having” “me” “lift” “heavy” “weights” “and” “do” “cardio.”

Peak week checklist
Peak week checklist

But then I flipped the page on my calendar and noticed that I’m not actually one week from my competition, but two (2) weeks from the competition.  Part of me was like, “Yay! I get more time to practice posing!”  That part of me was like 20%.  The other 80% of me was like, “NOOOOO!!  An extra week of fish and asparagus!  For the love of God, let me eat pancakes again!”

It also did not help my mood that my husband, Henri, went grocery shopping before he ate dinner, and whenever he goes shopping on an empty stomach he brings home stuff like this:

Don't let your husband grocery shop
Don’t let your husband grocery shop

Also, he made popcorn for the kids.  The old-fashioned-popcorn-maker-delicious-smelling kind that permeates the house and through the process of osmosis removes my willpower entirely.  ‘Cause, my completion’s in two (2) weeks now, not one, right?

Best popcorn EVER
Best popcorn EVER

I have since removed all the popcorn kernels and coconut oil from the Man Cave so I cannot be sabotaged again.  I am also mentally noting this incident so that when Henri finally decides to enter a bodybuilding competition for the first time, I will eat a giant bag of chips and ice cream cones in front of him during peak week.

I don’t even care that I should be loving and supportive; f*** that, I want revenge.  So if by chance you see my husband tell him that he should really enter a competition next year.  Don’t explain why.

He’s lucky that he’s a good dad.  He has been teaching our son, little Henry, how to sell overpriced popcorn (again with the popcorn!) to random people trying to shop at CVS as part of the Cub Scouts fundraiser.  Fortunately, they are good salesmen so I don’t have a ton of extra popcorn bags laying around the house.

My little Cub Scout
My little Cub Scout

Last week my trainer, Robin, told me not to be complacent because I won runner up at the last show.  If anything I’m anxious and not complacent.  You would think that moving up the bodybuilding food chain would make your competition prep easier; if anything it makes it harder because more is at stake.  My strength training is the heaviest I’ve ever lifted in my life.

Only one person walks away with her pro card and it’s the details that now separate who walks home a winner.  Probably not the gal chomping on popcorn.

So, I’m going to look at this extra week that I found as an opportunity.  Here are my bonus week goals:

  1. Eat Clean and stop whining about it.
  2. Work on those posing transitions more
  3. Focus on recovery.  My legs and glutes are so sore, I need to really concentrate on ice baths and foam rolling to get the muscles growing back faster and stronger.

The photographer from the Poseidon competition, Jeff Kutscher, sent me my show pictures, so I’m going to post them up for a little motivation to remind myself to stick to my meal plan.  Carbs are coming back.  It’s only two more weeks.

Lisa Traugott – Photo by Jeff Kutscher


Front pose
Lisa Traugott – Photo by Jeff Kutscher


Winning Runner Up
Winning Runner Up – Photo by Jeff Kutscher

Also – I’d like to give a quick shout out to all of you who have been working on fitness goals this month.  You guys are killing it!!  Reading about your successes has been so motivating to me.  Keep up the good work.

Stay healthy!

Lisa 😉

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4 thoughts on “I Can’t Count and Bikini Pictures

  1. Lisa,
    I’m SO very proud you decided to avoid succumbing to food sabotage! If you’re like me, you discover that it’s NEVER worth the guilt / self-incrimination. The longer you’re away from consuming a tempting food, the less it ‘calls your name’. and the more you feel empowered! You CAN DO THIS…..months and months of REALLY hard work should NOT be tossed aside in cavalier fashion!

    1. You’re right. It’s just so hard to not eat what everyone else is eating. I feel like I’m left out of the party sometimes.

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