Holy $&@! have you seen the prices of eggs lately???  If you are a bodybuilder (or a vegetarian for that matter) your main source of protein comes from eggs, so this egg situation is nothing to cluck at.  (Yes, I will be using silly chicken references throughout this blog post.  Just accept it and move on.)

Eggs used to be $1 for a dozen.  I went to the store today and saw this for 18 eggs:EggsAnd if you want to get pasteurized egg whites it’s this:egg whitesIt makes me want to cry.  Or at least pout aggressively.

So why are the prices so high?  Because last December there was an outbreak of avian flu in the U.S. forcing farmers to slaughter 44.7 million chickens and turkeys and discard millions of eggs.

It takes time to repopulate the flock, so that’s causing a supply-and-demand situation with the prices.  And it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better because we’re heading into prime baking season.

So before you bake your apple tarts, pumpkin pies and Christmas cookies be ready to have your feathers ruffled at the prices.

There are a few other options to paying this high price:

  • Go local.  The avian flu outbreak happened in the Midwest, so if you live on the coast, your local farmer’s market egg seller who lives around the corner probably hasn’t been impacted by this chicken/egg shortage at all.
  • Get some chickens.
    Got egg whites?
    Got egg whites?

    My friend has a chicken coop in her backyard and eats fresh eggs daily.  (She’s a vegetarian, so she needs A LOT of eggs for her protein source.)  I really want to get chickens too but my husband keeps telling me the HOA won’t allow it, but I secretly think he’s just telling me this because he doesn’t want chickens running around the house.

  • Order MuscleEgg

MuscleEgg sells pasteurized liquid egg whites that come in various flavors (including pumpkin spice,) in gallon containers, can be frozen up to a year and can be used in smoothies, pancakes and the delicious baked goods of your choice.  (OK, full disclosure here – I’m part of their affiliate program, so if you buy their egg whites through my website I get a commission.  I will use that money to buy more egg whites from MuscleEgg…)

If none of these alternatives work for you, fear not.  It’s estimated that the prices in grocery stores will go back to normal, but not until the second quarter of 2016.  So you might want to get cracking on your baking now before the prices spike for the holiday season!

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Stay healthy!

Lisa 😉

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