Fighting Lack of Motivation

Happy June!  Know why I’m so happy it’s June?  Because it means that May is over – yay!  Here’s why I hate May:  When It Rains It’s Probably a Tornado.

I know that it’s been a month since my mother passed, but I’m still in a funk.  Just when I think my emotions are in check, some unexpected thing happens that reduces me to tears.

Start spreading the news/he's starting 1st grade
Start spreading the news/he’s starting 1st grade

For example, my mom loved Frank Sinatra and so for her tribute CD I put dozens of pictures from various phases of her life to it’s own Sinatra song.  The photos of her becoming a grandma to my kids were set to the song New York, New York.  The other day my son had his kindergarten graduation and the music teacher had them sing to the tune of (wait for it) New York, New York. “Start spreading the news/I’m starting first grade…” Guess who lost it?  I was BAWLING and people were looking at me like, honey, it’s just kindergarten graduation…

So, in case you’re wondering, there is a LOT of paperwork involved when someone dies.  Also, funerals are expensive.  Like $16,000 expensive.

Know what’s also expensive?  A tornado ripping off sections of your roof.  But that’s only $4,500 deductible expensive.  The new roof will go on next month (there is a backlog of roof repairs from the recent storms.)

Tarpping over the holes in our roof
Tarpping over the holes in our roof

I’m hoping that the universe at large is now bored with making me miserable and will move on so I can focus on spending time with my kids and getting back to fitness.

Weak Willie

Again, I feel like I’m starting over with my health goals.  It takes so long to make muscle gains and get my weight where I want it and then life interrupts and I’m feeling weak and frumpy again.

I was so frustrated with my right arm because it couldn’t do a curl as easily as the left side, so I shouted, “Come on, slacker!”

Going light with bicep curls
Going light with bicep curls

Did you just yell at your own arm?” asked my trainer, Robin.  (He is still discovering the full range of my quirkiness.)

To combat this weakness my friend Obidia (who also trains with Robin) and I have decided to have a biceps competition to see who can make the most improvement by the end of the month.  We met the other day and kept egging each other on when the weight got heavy: “Oh, so you want me to beat you, right?”  That’s helping on the exercise front.

Guns loaded
Guns loaded

I’ll Have a Cookie with a side of No Motivation

Mostly I’m having problems getting myself back to healthy eating consistently.  It’s not helping that we attended five birthday parties and two year end school parties with pizza and cake in the past week.  When I’m in the show prep zone for my competitions, birthdays mean nothing to me; shoot I didn’t even have cake on my own birthday this year!  But I’m not in that mindset right now.  Yet.

Cake anyone?
Cake anyone?

The good news is that I will be doing a pole fitness competition in 7 weeks, so the thought of dancing in front of judges in a two-piece costume is making me lean towards better food choices.

Also, I really don’t want to backslide, so I’m setting up some goals to force my way back into good habits, even though I’m lacking motivation.  Monthly goal setting was something I did before I became my mom’s caregiver and I think it’s time to revive this ritual.

June Goals:

  1. Eat Clean and Train consistently.  For me this means eating six meals per day and exercising one hour six days per week.  I’ll give myself one cheat meal per week.
  2. Increase upper body strength.  Not only will this help me beat Obidia in our bicep competition, but it will also improve my pole dancing.
  3. Choreograph and rehearse pole fitness dance.  This is my fun goal.  I’m working with ATX Pole Fitness in Round Rock and will compete in Level 1 at the Southwestern Aerial Championships in July.

I’ll check back at the end of the month to see how I did with these goals.

How about you?  Do you have any fitness goals?

Lisa 😉

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