When it Rains it’s Probably a Tornado

May 2015 is a real stand out for perhaps the worst month of my life.  That’s a pretty bold statement.  I’m only 41, so things can get a lot worse, I’m sure, but for now, it’s definitely up there.

My mom died, there were family fights, the dishwasher broke, I twisted my ankle, I’m backed up at work, the microwave broke, I’ve been having nightmares every night and it’s the 13th anniversary of my father’s death.

I was going to write about that the other night, but thought, “No, let’s keep the blog positive and fitness related.”  So I wrote a post about boxing and felt pretty positive.

That’s when the tornado hit my house.


The local news said it was severe wind, but the police department and my insurance claims adjuster said it was a tornado that (as luck would have it…bad luck…) it only hit a very small section of town, mainly my street.

We were all looking out the window at the thunder and lightning and rain when things got a little weird.  The power went out and the sky turned green and the wind seemed like a hurricane.

There goes the BBQ grill
There goes the BBQ grill

My husband, Henri, said, “Okay kids, we’re going in the closet under the stairs to play Harry Potter.”  Our cell phones lit the way and I found some battery operated candles my friend gave me for my birthday and hung out.

The wind died down but our backyard fence had blown away.  Our chairs, the swing set and barbeque were knocked over.  Our neighbor knocked on the door to tell us part of our roof was missing.

Good times.

My backyard is much bigger now that I can see into my neighbors' yards
My backyard is much bigger now that I can see into my neighbors’ yards
Dude, where's my fence?
Dude, where’s my fence?
Tarp over the hole in our roof
Tarp over the hole in our roof

And it’s thundering now.  Chinese fortune cookies always say stuff like, “You will make many friends in life.”  Why don’t they ever tell you something useful like, “Your house will be hit by a tornado, buy more insurance”?

On the plus side we are all safe.  And I won 3rd place in a bikini competition last month.  There’s that too.

Lisa 😉

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