Spartan Race Giveaway!

Last year I interviewed Joe Desena about his New York Times bestseller, Spartan Up!  Soon after I ran my first Spartan Super with my husband and friend Lori and her husband.  Since that time the Spartan Races has come up with all new things and one of them includes a giveaway for one lucky reader (more to come at the end of this post…)

With my husband, Henri, last year
With my husband, Henri, last year

The new 2015 Spartan season pass has been released with lots of great perks, the 2015 World Championship Spartan Race is moving to Lake Tahoe California, Joe Desena’s “Spartan UP!” the podcast is launching soon and the first ever Spartan Cruise is happening in March.

My husband and I are gearing up to race again, and this time around both kids want to do the Jr. Spartan, which is about 1/2 mile of mud and obstacles.  While it helps to prepare for the race (do daily burpees, build up your cardio endurance, etc.) the thing I like the most about it is that it forces you to get past your fears and mental blocks.

Last year two things really scared me about the race: scaling a wall and jumping over fire.  Shoot, they had a wall you had to jump over before the race even began!  Once I got over my fear though, I felt amazing.  If you’ve ever wondered what a race is like, you can read how my race went:  Overcoming Obstacles.

This is kinda crazy, huh?
This is kinda crazy, huh?

And if you’ve ever thought that you were too old/out of shape/handicapped, etc. to give this a try, here’s a video clip to inspire you:

Do you feel like this is something you might want to try?  Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve got a giveaway for an open heat anywhere in the continental US!

If you are local to Austin: This year the Spartan Super (8 mile run and 20+ obstacles) will be held two weekends: May 9 and May 17 and the Spartan Sprint (3 mile run and 15+ obstacles) will be held on May 10.

If you are looking for a race in another state or city, here is the link with the race info.  The interactive map is at the bottom of the website: Reebok Spartan Race

If you would like to enter to win one (1) race pass (you will still need to pay for the race insurance), just write, “I want to Spartan Up!” in the comments section of this blog, my FB page or Twitter handle by midnight Texas time Tuesday, January 6, and I will post the winner the next day.

No refund or exchanges.  The winner will receive a promo code they can type in when they register.  Hope to see you race day!


Spartan Super
Spartan Super

Lisa ;)

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47 thoughts on “Spartan Race Giveaway!

  1. OMGosh! Just yesterday hubby and I decided to train to do our first spartan! Not sure if we will be ready for may in Austin but I hope so. My kids also want to participate in the JR one…do you know if there will be a junior one in Austing in may? Also the give away…is it for may or for any spartan race? We are going to shoot for the spartan sprint.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      The winner will be able to use the code anywhere in the continental U.S. The sprint is held in Austin on May 10th. There will also be the Spartan Kids races on that day.

      Good luck!

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